The Western Lethal Weapons that were given to Ukraine to confront Russia


Since the start of the War in Ukraine, Western countries delivered advanced, weapons and ammunition to Ukraine reflect the extent of the West’s ability to help Kiev make a difference on the battlefield, not only to repel the Russian invasion of the country, but also to contribute to restoring the territories that Moscow controlled after February 2022.

From tanks to long-range missiles and communications systems, many Western countries, led by the United States, Germany, France and Britain, delivered weapons that made a big difference on the battlefield, here are the most lethal and effective ones:


First: US Made HIMARS system

A highly mobile artillery rockets launcher system that played a major role in the Ukraine war.

The US-made rockets launcher system allow Ukrainian forces to carry out precision strikes on supply depots and other Russian sites.

HIMARS systems, which have a range of more than 80 km, considered one of the most effective tools in Kiev’s military arsenal.

HIMARS is mounted on light armor and fires six GPS-guided missiles, and it’s very flexible and can adapt to changing war tactics.

One of the important features of HIMARS system is the ability to maneuver quickly without being discovered.

The importance of this system emerged especially for the Ukrainian forces last November, when they succeeded in pushing the Russian forces away from the southern city of Kherson.


Second: US Patriot missile systems

The famous US Patriot systems, which were provided by the United States to Ukraine, arrived last April, and are among the most advanced air defense systems in the world.

The Patriot has the ability to stop cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles before they reach their targets, as well as to shoot down aircraft.

The patriot system has strengthened the air defenses of the Ukrainian army, which were previously unable to intercept many modern Russian missiles.

Recently, and thanks to the Patriot system, the Ukrainian forces managed to intercept and shoot down even the most advanced Russian missiles known as hypersonic missiles.


Third: The US Javelin anti-tank system

The US-made anti-tank missile “FGM-148” known as the “Javelin”, but the Ukrainian soldiers gave it a new name, which is “Protector of Ukraine”.

A portable surface-to-air missile that can be fired from the shoulder or from a launcher and is highly effective against main battle tanks and other armored vehicles.

Last summer, the United States supplied Ukraine with more than 5,000 Javelin missiles as part of a military aid package worth more than $8 billion.


Fourth: Britain’s Storm Shadow missiles

Many experts believe that the advanced British-made missiles succeeded in changing the rules of the game for the Ukrainian counter-attack, due to its superior capabilities in maneuvering, accurate targeting, and a range of 250 km.

The Storm Shadow missile designed to fly at a low altitude to evade radars, and has an infrared target-finding system that allows it to deliver a precise strike.

The Storm Shadow missiles have doubled the strength of the Ukrainian forces due to its long-range abilities that the Ukrainians used from their Soviet fighter planes to hit high-value targets far from enemy lines, such as command and control centers, logistical sites, ammunition depots, and other important targets.

According to British experts, the Storm Shadow missiles helped disrupt operations and reduce the military capability of the Russian forces.


Fifth: US Bradley armored combat vehicles

Ukraine received a large shipment of armored fighting vehicles from Europe and the United States earlier this year.

However, the M2 Bradley armored vehicles provided by the United States proved particularly successful.

Ukraine is using the Bradley armored vehicles to transport infantry to the front lines, offering protection to military personnel, and gave flexibility to adapt on the battlefield.

Washington provided Ukraine on its own with more than 100 Bradley armored vehicles, armed with automatic cannons and also capable of firing anti-tank missiles.


Finally as an honorable mention, Türkiye provided Ukraine with advanced Bayraktar drones, which played a decisive role to halt and stop Russian advances on Kiev front.

In addition, Germany provided Ukraine with its Leopard 2 tanks that were an added value to its forces.

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