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Disclaimer and Stand Point Confirmation

The syrializm.net website is a public website for news, opinion articles, analysis, and political, social, economic, and historical subjects.

The Syrializm project and the website (syrializm.net) are a free journalism project, completely independent and not affiliated with any entity, whether a state, government, private or public organization, association, local or international body.

The Syrializm project and the website (syrializm.net) are a fully independent non-profit initiative in principle, however it rely on crowd funding and personal contributions to sustain its operation.

All materials on the website (syrializm.net), from its inception until further notice, sourced from the provider of the content.

This includes written or translated text from other languages, as well as images, audio files, and videos.

Therefore, the Syrializm project and the website (syrializm.net), along with their administrators, do not bear any ethical, financial, or other responsibility for the content published on the website and related official social media platforms pages.

Consequently, the Website (syrializm.net) neither endorses nor opposes the content’s direction, narratives, nor does it assume any responsibility towards the source of the material, except for the exclusive opinion articles provided by the website contributors.

The Syrializm project insure welcoming all opinions and points of view, and accept the publication of materials bearing the principle of opinion and the other opinion, but in return it respects the privacy of cultures, customs, traditions and religious beliefs of peoples, and is therefore wary of publishing such materials that would offend religious beliefs and public morals, with the exception of materials bearing the historical telling category.

All news materials and some articles and analyses, which do not carry phrase of (Contribution for Syrializm), are either owned by the content provider or sourced from reputable individuals or eyewitnesses, alternatively, they are owned by international or local Media/News Agencies.

Therefore, the Syrializm project and the website (Syrializm.net) respect the ownership of these materials by the respective parties and affirm that publishing the material is not for profit or gaining any material privilege from the publication.

If any material attributed to an individual or entity, and they neither wish to have it published on the Website (syrializm.net) nor Syrializm official social media pages, it is their responsibility to contact us and clarify the subject/case.

The Website (syrializm.net) commits to remove this material if the owner objects its presence, without assuming any legal or compensatory liability.

The Syrializm project and the website (syrializm.net) respect all intellectual property rights, but due to the nature of the published materials being of a political and journalistic nature, they inherently carry the attribute of journalistic content, which subjected to the mechanism of politicizing intellectual property rights protection law in order to prevent the publication of certain materials.

Syrializm uphold the principles of freedom of opinion, freedom of the press, and freedom of expression.

Additionally, the Syrializm project and the website (syrializm.net) are obligated to protect the privacy and identity of the content sources/contributors, unless the source explicitly allows their identity to be revealed.

The Syrializm project and the website (syrializm.net) dedicated to free journalism, and therefore, there is no discrimination or bias in publishing materials for any party, entity, or state, regardless of their nature, and welcome materials of opinion and other opinion materials.

Syrializm is committed to its motto “Above Supervising” while maintaining the principles of press freedom and the safety of opinion holders, without adopting or opposing the content’s substance.

We live in a world where there are no actual rules, and everything that considered customary as law is subject to politicization or exploitation to serve the interests of states, entities, or governments, and thus Syrializm project IS NOT SUBJECTED to these laws.