The Daily Telegraph published an article with the view that Ukraine was close to causing a major rift in the ranks of the Russian army.

The author of the article, Richard Dannatt, believes that the Ukrainian counter-offensive is gaining more momentum after several months of carefully feeling the water and absorbing criticism from those sitting safely away from the front line.

“Twice since February of last year, the Ukrainian army had to reinvent itself, as it had to harness the people’s determination to resist Russian aggression with all possible defense capabilities it could get, borrow, or even steal for the benefit of liberate the country”.

With the clarity of the scene in front of Kiev, which includes a complete absence of any common ground that could lead to a peaceful solution through negotiation between Presidents Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky, the Ukrainian forces had to shift from their defensive centers to an offensive entity to change the parties to the equation and push everyone to negotiate.

On the other hand, there is the Russian army, which seems steadfast despite the successive blows it receives, and its model that was under the leadership of Sergei Surovikin – the commander of the Russian force in Ukraine who has disappeared from view since his dismissal from his post – which relies on Russian recruits and partial mobilization in Russia and the guidance of professional engineers in building excellent lines of defense in eastern Ukraine.

Dannatt added, “Despite the difficulty of the current process of feeling the pulse of the Russian defense lines in eastern Ukraine, in which it was proven that a number of its participants had received trauma treatment at the hands of field medics, this process must be carried out with intensive training and patience in order to find gaps in those lines to penetrate ranks of the Russian army”.

He also believes that breaking through the Russian defense lines would give Kiev a great opportunity to advance and create a rift in the ranks of the Russian forces, as uncertainty could overshadow the Russian leaders if the Ukrainians succeeded in directing the Tenth Corps to the coastal region of Melitopol after it had made progress in the Zaporizhia region, specifically in the cities of Orekhev, down to Tokmak.

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