Israeli press focused their attention on analyzing the current situation of the war that Israel declared against Hamas following the movement’s surprise attack on Israel last Saturday.

Israeli writers blamed the poor performance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, while some demanded a change in the government’s strategy in dealing with Hamas, and others warned that Israel’s survival was at stake.

The Jerusalem Post published an article entitled “This time, Israel must overthrow Hamas,” by Israeli security analyst, Rafael Ben Levy.

Ben Levy believes that Israel’s strategy to confront Hamas, since its control of the Gaza Strip in 2006, has become ineffective and has completely collapsed.

Israel was responding to previous intermittent Hamas attacks with a reasonable level of deterrence, and this was by destroying parts of the missile production infrastructure and some buildings that housed parts of Hamas’ political and military establishment.

The success of this strategy was measured in terms of the amount of periods during which missiles weren’t launched, which was on average from two to four years.

Under that strategy, Hamas should have remained in power, as the alternatives appeared to be worse.

The reasons why Israel followed this strategy are also due to its fear that if it overthrew Hamas, it was believed that the Islamic Jihad movement or the Islamic State would be the alternative, and therefore the focus was on Hezbollah and Iran, who pose a greater threat.

According to the writer, Hamas has proven the truth that it’s no different from the Islamic State, but the movement currently controls a large area of ​​land and governs more than two million people.

The writer believes that Israel shouldn’t allow the existence of this entity next to it.

Israel’s only goal from the outcome of this current war should be the unconditional surrender of Hamas and the overthrow of its regime.

This goal isn’t achieved, there will be dire repercussions that will lead to a large-scale war in the Middle East in the near future.

The writer believes that Hezbollah and Iran are closely monitoring Israel’s next steps.

If Israel doesn’t achieve a decisive victory, both sides will conclude that the time has come to expand the war.

The article adds that if Israel adopts a new strategy and ends the rule of Hamas, the results will be very positive for the entire region, most notably the establishment of an alliance between the West, Israel, and the Gulf states against Iran, especially since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants to strengthen its relationship with Israel.

In another article on Haaretz newspaper, entitled “Netanyahu, a gang leader who cannot continue as Prime Minister of Israel,” which criticizes the performance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israel is led by a corrupt leader who was investing all his efforts in overthrowing the judicial system.

Antagonized Western governments and undermined relations with the US administration, and is now leading the country into a war whose goals and results no one knows.

The article indicates that the Prime Minister doesn’t see the need to form a national unity government because he’s certain that he cannot be dispensed with.

Hence, Netanyahu spent years sponsoring the enemy of Israel, with reference to the Hamas movement, which launched an attack against it without facing any obstacles due to his miserable failure and without bearing even the slightest amount of responsibility, according to the article.

The Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is completely unqualified to hold his position, even if he found, from a legislative standpoint, some provisions of the law to hide behind, and even if the court ruled to issue a new law that would make it impossible for the Attorney General to declare Netanyahu unqualified for his position.

Benjamin Netanyahu won’t suddenly become a leader from whom we expect to bear responsibility.

Netanyahu is a gang leader who must be stripped of responsibility, especially in times of war, because he cannot continue.

The Times of Israel published an article by journalist David Horowitz entitled “The fifth day of the war: Israel knows that its survival is at stake”.

The writer begins his article by asserting that Israel faces the threat of survival, citing the speech of US President Joe Biden, which he delivered on Tuesday, during which he said that Hamas doesn’t defend the dignity of the Palestinian people and the right to self-determination and that its goal is to annihilate the State of Israel and kill the Jewish people.

The writer points out that Hamas is using its allies to confuse Israel in the south through continuous missile attacks by its militants and with the help of its allies, such as Iran, which he described as an octopus, a description used by former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

In addition, Hamas and others are trying to incite violence in East Jerusalem under the pretext of defending al Aqsa Mosque, according to the writer.

The writer warns of the danger that Iran poses to Israel’s survival.

He says that the Iranian regime didn’t work for years to arm, train, and inspire Hezbollah without intending to use it one day.

The article says that there is an urgent need to weaken the Hamas movement, deter Iran and its proxies militarily, and restore the confidence of the Israeli people in the ability of the military and political leadership.

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