Why does Erdogan behave like a child when things don’t go as he wants?

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The topic below is if the real outcome behind closed doors at the tripartite summit in Tehran on September 7 didn’t result in an agreement.

Despite the clear contrast in the positions of three leaders, which appeared clearly during the tripartite press conference on the issue of Idlib and its anticipated offensive, there are indications that there may be a certain course of events that will take its course in the next few days.

However the problem always revolves around the Turkish position.

The Turkish actions over the past years and the dubious roles that everyone knows, from purchasing oil from the Islamic state, ease thousands of terrorists to enter Syria, by opening the border wide, not to mention supplying opposition armed groups including groups that considered as terrorist organizations.

Turkey today returns to the same old policy of blackmailing the European Union in particular.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned to his country, which is still facing economic crisis and the instability of its currency, along the crisis with the United States on topics related to the purchase of the S400 missile system from Russia and the arrest of American Rev. Andrew Brunson, until the Turkish government and some of its officials including Erdogan himself, a process reminiscent of what was echoed a few years ago, about his threat to open the doors for refugees to flow to Europe if what he called the international community doesn’t  intervene to stop the expected military operation on Idlib, which will be taking by the Syrian government forces along Side full support from Russia and for sure Iran as well.

The problem in the Turkish situation is reflected in the suspicious situation in which we in the West have been accustomed to seeing Turkey.

I may not exaggerate when I describe the Turkish position, especially the positions of President Erdogan on many issues, as behavior of children.

It always like a father telling his son that he will not buy a game or do something that his child continues to insist and talk until he gets it, and once the child getting shocked by the rigid attitude of the father rejecting or at least deferred to implement what the child wants, he start a rebellious attitude, with bunch of multiple reactions, which all can be seen clearly in the Turkish attitude always.

What I want to get out of, and despite the great intimidation about the battle of Idlib with the existence of talk about the scenario of a new chemical strike to be a justification for new implementation of a triple military strike on Syria as its predecessor, with new talk issued by some officials in Germany for the orientation of some of them want to join such so practical.

Our problem has been and is still about Syria, is the humanitarian crisis, which suffers millions of people, including those who were killed in different circumstances, including those who left the country to become refugees in the world, and forced many to move from one area to another inside Syria.

Frankly, the international role has never been useful in resolving the Syrian conflict, and sure is, we must recall here that the role of many countries in the Middle East has never been useful as well.

Countries such as Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have become known and involved in supporting terrorist organizations without any other armed groups that have been fighting the Syrian regime for the last six years.

Today, after the decline of opposition front that is fighting the Syrian regime, after Assad being able to regain control of large parts of the country, especially after the Russian intervention in the fall of 2015, contributed to the resolution of things, and I do not think the situation will be very different in the last site in Idlib.

The Syrian regime is supported by Russia and Iran, did manage to achieve the desired goal.

Although with the Turkish position remains uncertain, despite the recent statements, also with the presence of some Turkish moves on the ground, which warns of escalation.

The problem that the Turkish president is forgetting is that the Syrian groups backed by him in the north of Syria are fighting each other for while now, and the chaos is wide spread at the entire areas controlled by these militias supported by the Turkish government caused a great deal of instability.

The Turks also forget about the Kurdish issue in the northern Syrian, and the Turks forget the economic situation in which Turkey is suffering, which is by chance the same as the situation in Russia and Iran.

Here we find that the tripartite alliance supposed to play a role in solving the Syrian dilemma in the interest of them at first and second to relief this difficult period in the region that caused scourge to the whole world.

In conclusion, we would like to know what Turkey actually does, and why they always return to the style of child rebellion when things do not go according to their wish or according to what they want?

I repeat and repeat, all that is said, may be nothing but meaningless, in the case of any agreement or scenario reached by the tripartite alliance between Iran and Russia-Turkey.

Because of the theoretical and logical, the magnitude of the threats and interest in which these three countries meet requires them to quickly reach an agreement ending the Syrian dilemma, so that these countries benefit from the return of stability in the region, which will affect the economic and security situation, which Turkey’s become the biggest winner, being the most vulnerable to economic, security and even political and social threats in the event of war in Syria keeping on.

Logic says that the Turkish experience in the past years has crystallized a clear picture of the situation and what the Turkish government should do in order to achieve the real gain, far from the mistakes and destructive roles dubious Turkey has been involved in the past.

It’s crucial to say that Europe had enough of blackmailing from every side; we had enough of the blackmailing of the Unites States at Trumps administration specifically, and some of Europe Neighbors such as Turkey.

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