Turkey is among the most important threats facing us, but there is no horizon for war with yet!

The Israeli Mako website included Turkey among the countries and entities that pose a threat to Israel, but ruled out a war with it as long as it remained a member of NATO.

This classification came on the occasion of the start of the new year, “5778” in the Hebrew calendar, where the Israeli media reviewed the occasion, which is considered a potential threat to Israel in the new year.

According to Turkish media, the Israeli site “Mako” has included Turkey among the countries and entities that pose a threat to the Jewish state, due to the possession of a sophisticated army and its embrace of organizations hostile to Israel, as well as the policies pursued by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, And his constant criticism of Israel.

The Israeli website considered that last year, it was difficult for Israel in terms of security, because the war is nearing an end in Syria, and the increasing threats of Hezbollah.

In this context, he also assumed that last year the Israeli army, stationed at the southern border, was about to embark on another “military operation in Gaza” and considered the West Bank to be “a dangerously explosive tank”.

Although the site saw Turkey as a threat to Israel because it supported hostile organizations, he described the degree of this threat as low.

“Turkey is still a member of NATO, so the war with Israel will not be acceptable, because this confrontation will be a political decision to separate from the West in the end”, said Yiftah Shapir, an expert at the National Security Research Institute at Tel Aviv University.

This expert said that Ankara is now moving away from the West and approaching Moscow, while in the past was a partner of Israel in military exercises.

Shapir concluded that Turkey’s relations did not deteriorate with the United States until it bought the Russian missile system “S-400” and US President Ronald Trump refuses to provide Ankara with the fifth-generation fighters “F-35” obtained by Israel.

The Israeli site claimed that “Tel Aviv was involved in the Trump decision and the US Congress to stop delivery of advanced fighter jets to Turkey”.

The website noted that “Tel Aviv is deeply concerned about the direction of Turkey under the rule of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who does not hesitate to pressure sensitive points to attack Israel verbally”, but at the same time he felt that “the scenario of war, or any confrontation Military, between Israel and Turkey is imaginary”.

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