The Syrian army seized a very small drone, dubbed “Black Hornet 3s”, which is part of the US Marine Corps, and is considered one of the smallest tactical reconnaissance drone in the world.

According to US the Drive newspaper, the drone was seized near the city of Tal Tamr, which is in the border area with Turkey and Iraq.

The Syrian Army had managed to capture the drone, through the targeted influence of electronic warfare methods, until the drone fell, and the signal was lost with the operator.

“Avia pro”, which specializes in military affairs, said that these drones have a very limited flight range, and did not reveal the operator and owners of them.

The “Avia pro” indicated that these drones enter service only with US and British armies, and it is not excluded that the drone belongs to these two forces who are illegally present in Syria.

The “Avia Pro” explained that it would be possible to determine the identity of the drone that was seized by the Syrian army after its study, noting that the estimated cost of one system for these aircraft is around 200,000 dollars, as each system contains two small drones.

It is noteworthy that the drone is 15 cm long, weighs less than 45 g, and is controlled by a tablet and a portable controller.

The drone can also exit the control center’s view and fly through a certain path using the GPS navigation system and automatically return to the starting point.

Despite its compact size, it is equipped with two video cameras with the ability to change clarity, in addition to the possibility of thermal imaging.

It can also work at night, combining all the captured videos and merging them into one, making it easier for the control center to recognize things.

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