The US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, vowed to the Syrian leadership, with sanctions and greater pressure, on the financial, economic and diplomatic levels in the coming days.

He stressed that the United States will continue to put pressure on Damascus, adding that his country’s position on the Syrian leadership enjoys wide Arab and international support, which is indisputable between the two main poles of US policy.

Jeffrey said in an interview with US government funded Arabic speaking “Radio Sawa” that his country would further tighten the financial, economic and diplomatic screws on the Syrian government, regardless of the identity of any administration, noting that Washington is not about changing the regime in Syria, but rather changing its behavior.

He added: “I don’t know any pressure in the end that will be effective, whether from his allies, from Assad himself, or from his supporters, or from the Baath Party, but we are confident that sooner or later there will be a halt”.

He pointed out that his country sent a message to President Assad through the UN Security Council, and also sent him a message through the Caesar Act.

He said: “We’ve the support of everyone in America and the support of our European and Arab allies, and we’ll continue to increase pressure until we see results because we’ve no choice.

This Syrian regime is not only a threat to its people, but also to its neighbors and the region and poses a threat to the United States and we’ll work against it”.

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