The French Army Chief of Staff: The Russian Wagner Group is a frightening opponent


The French Army Chief of Staff described the Russian Wagner military group, which is deployed in a number of African countries and on the front in Ukraine, as a frightening opponent and an evolving model.

General Pierre Schill said Monday, during a meeting with the Defense Journalists Association: “Let’s look at the Wagner militia and the show it is doing… It sends us a message that we will confront these militias in other places, and that they are able to pay a heavy price with their blood to achieve their goals and they will be a fearsome opponent”.

In the past months, the Wagner Group has imposed itself as a primary auxiliary force for the Russian army in Ukraine, especially on the front lines in the battle for control of Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine.

On Sunday, Wagner Group commander, Yevgeny Prigozhin, confirmed the capture of the town of Krasna Hora, a few kilometers north of the largest city in the Donetsk region.

The French Army Chief of Staff said, “A year ago I was focusing on hybrid warfare close to the controversial threshold… and the effect of the message… Wagner and the kind of tools that the Russians use are completely a tool for this threshold, which will evolve in the future”.

“Are all private military groups equal or will they be? Most likely not, there is some government support behind it,” he said, referring to Prigozhin’s strong ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“The Wagner Group, because it’s somehow struggling to gain status in the Kremlin by paying a heavy price, presents us with a problem and tells us that it’s a fearsome opponent,” General Schill explained.

General Schill pointed out that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began a year ago, hasn’t yet revealed all its geostrategic consequences.

The French Army Chief of Staff continued by saying: “We’ve witnessed an escalation in the use of force by a number of countries,” mentioning Iran and China.

He continued, saying: “There’s a reconsideration of international law as it has crystallized since World War II.

Some countries tell us: Your law is circumstantial and Western, and we reject it.

The Wagner group continues to consolidate its presence on the African continent, as the group has become present and strongly on the ground in a number of African countries at the expense of France, whose influence on the African continent has begun to diminish significantly.

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