Bloomberg: NATO is studying a secret document to deify its participation in conflicts outside its area of responsibility


Bloomberg reported that NATO is developing a plan to engage in several simultaneous conflicts, in countries outside its scope of powers and responsibilities.

The NATO document that will be signed by NATO defense ministers, during their meeting on February 14-15 in Brussels, will include studied action plans, in the event that the alliance countries participate in heated conflicts, based on joint defense obligations between the countries of the alliance, according to Article 5 of the charter of the organization, as well as in the event of their involvement in conflicts located in areas outside the responsibilities of the alliance.

Bloomberg added, quoting a NATO official, that the most important collective defense requirements will be presented to the alliance countries during the meeting, referring to armored forces, air and missile defenses, in addition to the requirements for military investments of the alliance countries.

The official indicated that the focus will be on developing investments in the areas of technological digital modernization, and that the NATO leadership will formulate detailed requirements for its member states.

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