The Economist magazine reported on Friday that Ukraine and its Western allies aren’t prepared for an exhausting conflict of attrition.

The Economist magazine published an article that indicates, “Ukraine and its Western backers are beginning to realize that this will be an exhausting war of attrition… but unfortunately, Ukraine isn’t ready yet, just like its Western partners”.

The article points out that Ukraine needs to start using resources rationally, as well as increasing them by performing maintenance on damaged equipment and ammunition supplies.

The article emphasized that economic restructuring is also necessary… as the required is the need to abandon post-war reconstruction plans and pay more attention to increasing the volume of production and capital expenditures.

The Ukrainian counterattack which was began on June 4.

Three months later, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the Ukrainian counterattack hadn’t only not stopped, but had failed.

According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the Ukrainian armed forces didn’t achieve their goals in any of the directions.

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