More than 20 billion Euros financial assets decline in the German general budget


The financial assets of the general budget in Germany decreased by 1.8%, or by 20.2 billion Euros, in 2022 compared to the previous year.

The Federal Statistical Office announced, Friday, in Wiesbaden, that the budgets of the federal government, states, municipalities, municipal associations, as well as social security – along with all additional budgets – last year recorded a total of financial assets worth 1,077.8 billion Euros compared to the non-public sector, which includes credit institutions and other local sectors, and foreign, such as private companies at home and abroad.

The financial assets of the federal government decreased by 7.8%, or by 33.4 billion Euros, to 394 billion Euros, compared to the previous year.

The office indicated that the reason for this is that in 2022 – compared to the previous year – the government was forced to maintain much smaller allocations to ensure the ability to act during the implementation of aid packages and programs for the Corona pandemic.

According to the data, the financial assets of the states decreased by 4.9%, or by 14.5 billion Euros, to 280.2 billion Euros.

However, the development in each individual state was very different.

In municipalities and municipal associations, on the other hand, financial assets increased by 5.6%, or by 12.5 billion Euros, to 234.7 billion Euros.

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