New York Times: American mercenaries in Ukraine’s shocking behaviors


The reality details of the foreign mercenaries’ situation, those who are fighting in the ranks of the Ukrainian army and the financial looting that took place as a result of some embezzlement operations.

The New York Times stated in a report posted last Tuesady that the volunteer mercenaries coming from the United States are distinguished from other nationalities, as they can access and use advanced American weapons in Ukraine after receiving an exclusive approval from the US military leadership.

The New York Times revealed in its report that among the US fighters in Ukraine is a retired US Marine colonel from Virginia who is under US federal investigation for his possible involvement in the illegal export and sale of military technology equipment.

In addition to a former soldier in the US Army who arrived in Ukraine to fight, then fled to Russia.

The report also added that various lawsuits were filed against other soldiers because of their public activity in Ukraine, which contradicts the documents and contracts concluded with them before heading to Ukraine.

Some American fighters also used fake passports to smuggle fighters from Pakistan and Iran to participate in the battles in Ukraine, according to the allegations.

The report reveals, such personalities have found a place for themselves on the fighting axes to defend Ukraine because of the role that the United States has defined for itself in the war, as the US administration is committed to sending weapons and money, but it doesn’t send professional forces to participate in the Ukrainian war, which allowed some those who cannot be allowed to participate in a war that their country is waging at the forefront of the fighting fronts in Ukraine, and many weapons and military equipment have been placed at their disposal unconditionally.

The report indicated that the interviews that were conducted about acts of deception and disagreements between volunteer fighters in Ukraine hindered the volunteer campaign that began after the Russian special military operation in Ukraine at the end of February 2022, as the report touched on the circumstances in which the Corps of International Fighters was formed in Ukraine, revealing that at the start of the conflict each volunteer’s combat background could be verified within 10 minutes or less.

The report stated, quoting Ukrainian officials, that during the beginning of the war, it was announced that there were about 20,000 volunteers in the International Corps, but the real number of International Corps personnel is estimated at only 1,500 volunteers.

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