Haaretz: Iranian attempts to build an advanced air defense system in Syria


Israeli military officials revealed attempts to build an advanced Iranian missile defense system in Syria, which relies on Russia’s experience in the S300 and S400 systems, but is being carried out by generals and senior officers of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper quoted the officials as saying that the Israeli raids destroyed the main efforts of the Iranian positioning attempts in Syria, but despite this, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard didn’t give up on the idea, and in recent years it has been trying to surround Israel with a belt of missile batteries that counter the raids and shoot down fighter jets.

The officials, including the head of the Department of Estimates on Iran in the Military Intelligence Division and the head of the research staff in the Division, added that the Iranian plan includes establishing air defense networks not only in Syria, but also in Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon.

The Israeli officers confirmed that Tehran feels frustrated as a result of its plans being exposed and aborting many of them with Israeli strikes, but it wasn’t deterred and continues efforts to implement its plans, perhaps with new methods, and that Israel never underestimates its capabilities.

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