US official revealed that the White House retracted its decision to continue targeting Iran’s allies, after the strikes launched by the United States on sites in Syria, and the response it received by targeting its bases in eastern Syria.

According to the New York Times, the official said, “US air force were preparing to launch a second round of retaliatory strikes late Friday night, however the White House put the order on hold”.

In turn, officials in the administration of US President Joe Biden said, “The US military is ready to respond to any new threats to American personnel, but they also seemed keen to avoid escalating strikes, back and forth, into a broader war with Iran and its allies”.

Last Friday, the Pentagon announced that its forces had launched air strikes in Syria, in response to a fatal attack by drones.

Concurrently, sources confirmed the fall of a number of missiles on the American occupation base in the Koniko gas field, without information about the size of the losses, adding that the bombing of the Koniko base was carried out with eight missiles, which landed in the base and its surroundings.

Commenting on these strikes, Biden announced that the United States isn’t looking for conflict with Iran.

In response to statements by US officials regarding the presence of Iran in the attack on US bases, the spokesman for the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, Kivan Khosravi, confirmed that any justification for targeting bases that were established at the request of the Syrian government to confront terrorism and elements of the terrorist organization ISIS in this country, will be met with a decisive counteraction.

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