The German authorities announced that the number of asylum applications submitted by Russian citizens of military age since the start of the Russian war on Ukraine has reached nearly 3,500 applications, and that they have accepted only 90 of these applications.

This came in a response from the German Ministry of the Interior to a questioning regarding this issue submitted by a female representative from the Left Party in the Bundestag.

The German Interior Ministry explained in its response that the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has so far decided on more than 1,500 of these requests, and noted that the bulk of these requests (about 1,100 requests) fall within the jurisdiction of another country in the European Union based on the Dublin rule.

The German Interior Ministry said in its response, “The decision-making process stipulates the following: Deserters are still allowed to obtain international protection on a regular basis… In addition, people who were intended to be included in the army and refuse to serve will receive international protection as soon as they meet the conditions for that”.

On the other hand, the deputy of the Left Party, who presented the questioning, said, criticizing the government, “The Traffic Light Coalition is skilled in announcing that it targets human rights and in making bright promises, but it doesn’t succeed in implementing them afterward”.

According to German authorities, the acceptance of only 90 applications out of hundreds of thousands of applications submitted by Russians who fled because they didn’t want to participate in the war that violates international law in Ukraine, and described the number of applications that were accepted as a very low number.

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