German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said during her meeting with Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, “we are all Israelis,” expressing her solidarity with Israel.

Baerbock’s confirmation came during her discussions with the Israeli Foreign Minister as part of familiarization and solidarity visits to world leaders organized by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The Israeli Foreign Minister had visited Netivot, accompanied by Baerbock, who showed her the operations center and the site where three members of one family were killed.

Baerbock shed tears when she heard the words of Yoni Asher and Jill Roman about that Hamas terrorists kidnapped their families to Gaza.

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said, “I feel full of appreciation for Annalena Baerbock for coming to Israel and for the steadfast stance of all of Germany with the people of Israel in this difficult time… Germany stands with the people of Israel and supports our right to protect our citizens against the deadly terrorist organization Hamas”.

For her part, Baerbock said, “We saw the horrific images of the terrorist attack, images that no one should see… On days like these, we are all Israelis, and I am shocked not only as a foreign minister, but as a human being, a mother, and a daughter”.

Baerbock previously condemned the attack launched by the Islamic movement Hamas on Israel, and said, “Hamas has committed horrific atrocities in recent days, as the terrorist attacks represent a brutal turning point, new era has begun for the people of Israel… It’s important that we look at this terrorism and call it by its true name”.

According to the family of German citizen Shani Louk, she is being held in the Gaza Strip, and that Baerbock wants to meet the mother of the kidnapped woman.

The family of the 22-year-old young woman announced that the meeting would be held in the afternoon in a secret location, and that the girl had been detained by Hamas fighters who attacked participants in a music festival in the Negev Desert.

Her mother again called for help for her daughter in a video message on Tuesday, saying her daughter was seriously injured, but alive, and the family believes Shani Louk is in the Gaza Strip.

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