Former US veteran: Putin is right in his harsh warning to Britain regarding the depleted uranium


A former US Marine Corps officer, Lucas Gage stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin was right to warn the West of the consequences of using depleted uranium munitions in Ukraine.

“Putin is right to draw a red line on the supply of depleted uranium to Ukraine,” Lucas wrote on Twitter.

The former military mentioned how Iraqi children suffered from horrific birth defects because the United States used this type of missile in the illegal war it waged against this country.

Recently, British Deputy Defense Secretary Annabelle Goldie said that London, in addition to the Challenger 2 tanks, will provide the Ukrainian army with ammunition, and this includes armor-piercing missiles that contain depleted uranium.

When depleted uranium bombs are used, radioactive dust settles on the ground, which is highly toxic and cannot be purified, and can lead to an outbreak of cancer.

US forces used depleted uranium shells during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, during the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999 and in the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Moscow will respond appropriately to such shipments.

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