Seymour Hersh: Biden decided to blow up the Nord Stream due to the failures of the Ukrainian forces


American journalist Seymour Hersh said on Wednesday, that US President Joe Biden decided to undermine the Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines due of the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine.

Hersh said in an interview with CGTN: “At the end of September, Biden made this decision for reasons unknown to me, most likely because Ukraine’s failures on the battlefield made him concerned about further financing of the conflict by Western European countries, Especially Germany”.

According to Hersh, the story that, according to some Western media outlets, revolves around a group of Ukrainians with forged passports and a million-dollar chartered yacht behind the vandalism, doesn’t stand up to any criticism.

Hersh continued: “Do you really think that with a fake passport it’s possible to do that? The story is simply ridiculous, but that didn’t stop them from making it public”.

For his part, the Russian presidential spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed that the Western publications about the explosions of the Nord Stream pipeline are coordinated media stuffing, and it’s clear that the masterminds of the terrorist act want to divert attention.

On February 8, Hersh published an article about his investigation into the explosions of the Nord Stream gas pipelines, where he mentioned that during NATO’s BALTOPS maneuvers, in the summer of 2022, American divers installed explosives under the gas pipelines, after which the Norwegians activated after three months.

Hersh also stated, quoting a source, that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been supporting Washington’s attempts since the fall to hide information about the bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline.

This came in Hersh’s article on the Substack platform, where he indicated that in early March Scholz visited the United States and his trip included only two public events, and neither Scholz nor the US President, as is customary in such high-level meetings, held a press conference with questions for reporters.

However, Hersh adds, it later became known about the 80-minute meeting, after which no official statements were released.

According to him, he asked the CIA and German intelligence to prepare an alternative story for the media about the Nord Stream pipeline bombings, while Hersh stressed that even if Scholz didn’t know in advance about the bombing plans, he had supported the United States’ attempts to conceal information since the past fall.

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