NATO Secretary General strongly attacks Putin and warns the West of the protracted conflict in Ukraine


NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in an interview with the Guardian, Thursday that Western countries will have to support Ukraine for a long time in light of the comprehensive Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He added that Russian President Vladimir Putin isn’t planning to reach peace, but is planning more war.

He explained that Russia is enhancing military industrial production, and is communicating with authoritarian regimes in an attempt to obtain more weapons.

As a result, the United States, Britain, France, Germany and other Western countries should prepare to support Ukraine with weapons, ammunition and spare parts for a long time.

Stoltenberg said, “The need for that will continue because this is a war of attrition; it’s about the industrial capacity to maintain support”.

Earlier this week, European Union countries agreed to supply Ukraine with one million rounds of artillery ammunition over the next 12 months.

With the equipment it gets from the West, the Ukrainians will be able to launch an offensive and take back territory, though Stoltberg added that NATO isn’t a part to the conflict.

In addition, Ukrainian President Vlodomir Zelensky said after visiting areas of the front in the east of the country that he saw great suffering, but he also saw hope.

“It’s painful to see the towns in Donbas, to which Russia has brought terrible suffering and devastation,” Zelensky added, referring to the hourly air raid sirens, the constant threat of bombing, and the constant threat to life.

He added that despite the great destruction and suffering, there is hope in these areas, one can feel it.

Zelensky continued, “We’ll do everything so that the blue and yellow colors can continue the liberation movement, and until the return of normal life to our country completely, from Donetsk to the borders, referring to his country’s flag, after a visit to the cities of Bakhmut and Kharkiv earlier in the day”.

He also announced Kiev’s reaction to the recent attacks by Russia that targeted cities with combat drones, saying, “We’ll definitely respond to any attack by the occupiers targeting our cities”.

He stressed, “We’ll respond to all Russian attacks militarily, politically and legally”.

In the same context, the United States on Wednesday rejected Russia’s condemnation of a British plan to supply Ukraine with armor-piercing munitions containing depleted uranium.

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