Could Trump be prevented from running for the 2024 elections? The Answer might be at the Article 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment in the US Constitution!


The former president Donald Trump is still struggling against wave after wave of judicial battles.

Trump is facing US a pile of criminal accusations that he committed during and before his presidency, however, a new and exciting issue has emerged, which is whether he has the right to run for the elections that will take place next year.

The current battle, led by anti-Trump opponents, talks about Article Three of the Fourteenth Amendment in the US Constitution, which stipulates that no person can run for federal office if he is convicted of rebellion, which could kill the former president.

The US Constitution stipulates clear conditions that an American citizen must meet in order to be able to run for office.

They aren’t less than 35 years of age, a citizen by birth, and have resided in the United States for at least 14 years.

The constitution bars anyone who has served two full terms as president from running again.

Nothing in these terms shall prevent Trump, or any other person convicted of a crime, from running for federal office, but the US Constitution contains a clause (the third of the Fourteenth Amendment) that arguably contains a clause of another kind.

This provision says that no person may hold any “civil or military office in the United States” if he has previously taken an oath to serve in legislative, executive, or judicial office, and then “engages in insurrection or insurrection, or gives assistance or support to the enemies of the country who participated in the aforementioned actions”.

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