Wall Street Journal: The new tactic that Russia followed and succeeded in hindering and thwarting the Ukrainian counterattack


The Wall Street Journal reported that modern Russian systems that help it plant explosives remotely have greatly hindered the Ukrainian counterattack.

In an article, the Wall Street Journal indicated that the Russian army is capable of laying minefields at a distance of 5-15 km, pointing out that this method is one of dozens of Russian tactics for preparing minefields.

This method is very effective in slowing down the movement of Ukrainian forces, forcing them to take exposed positions for Russian helicopters and drones, and making them an easy target for them.

A Ukrainian soldier admitted to the Wall Street Journal that Kiev forces lose at least one explosives expert every day, along with dozens of injured and at least 200 dead.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian President’s office, Serhiy Leshchenko, stated earlier that the military leadership was delaying the start of the counterattack due to Russian minefields and the absence of air cover, but entering into a truce now means a delayed conflict.

The New York Times reported earlier that the losses of the Ukrainian forces have exceeded 150,000 dead and wounded since February 2022, with the increasing refusal of many to enlist, pay bribes and try to flee.

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