The people who still wondering why the Syrian regime didn’t fall after all what took place in this past five years, here it is some answers.

Syria as country is still exist & the whole world believe it or not still recognize Bashar Al Assad as President of the Syrian Arab Republic, we shouldn’t fell in words that come out from some people’s mouth when they say “Syria has vanished or no Such thing called Syria”, such as former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy, with many Israeli officials keep saying similar words, but for the Israelis, I can understand that because they dream of waking up some day & See Syria has gone, well my words for them I totally understand why you’re saying that & wanting this to happened, but keep dreaming!

Syria still has army & it still has weapons could harm the entire Middle East & gulf countries dearly, if somebody their or the United States along side with NATO decided to use force to overthrow the Syrian regime.

Al Assad regime will indeed turn the table over the heads of everyone & no one can take the consequences.

Russia is backing up the Syrian regime, not for the love of Syria, but they know if Syria as a country collapses the fire will be directed towards the Russian land itself.

In Syria and without having stable situation there, the fire will reach the entire region & the current map couldn’t lie.

Everyone still remembers how the United States were so close to launch an attack against Syria, but it never happened why?

Does anyone have the ability to tell us why the US & the great Britain attacked Iraq to overthrow Saddam Husain & his regime if they knew that he has weapons of mass destruction, that he might use if anyone attacks him?

In 1991 gulf war, Iraq lunched 59 Scud missiles against Israel, could’ve anyone of these missiles carries something unusual if he have any?
Sure Bush & Blair were liars, Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction, otherwise he could’ve used them if Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair attack Iraq and make a gamble fighting Saddam Husain with a tiny possibility of Iraq have and use any weapons of mass destruction and but the security of Israel under jeopardy.

That’s why the US nor anybody are not going to use force in Syria to force Assad to step down.

As for Russia, it’s completely logical that Russia wants to defend itself because they knows that the western world attempts to destroy Russia.

These attempts started at the 18th century and it still underway for the sake of defeat Russia once and for all.

The western world but several plans to achieve their goal in these past seventy years and they even gave the right for themselves to use nuclear weapons in order to destroy Russia.

In 1948 the US & UK made a plan to attack the Soviet Union by dropping 133 nuclear bombs over 70 soviet cities then the number reached 200 bombs with more than 250 thousand tons of regular bombs.

But this plan was so difficult to be done due to the lack of technologies back then, that could carry out these nuclear bombs to its targets, with far distance & no US bases near to the Soviet Union this plan was no way to be done.

But United States kept these ambitions to Destroy the Soviet Union, and to achieve these ambitions, the NATO was formed in 1949.

The US & their allies prepared another plan to drop over 300 nuclear bombs with 200 thousand tons of regular bombes over 100 Russian city at the 1950 new year’s eve.

Also this operation never took place because as the usual way of the US policy, they’d never think & prepare for the consequences of their actions, because when you attack to destroy the Soviet Union without putting in mind what could happened to the European countries that’s going to allow these attacks to be launched from their lands when the Soviet Union is going to hit back.

Another operation been prepared in 1957, to be a land operation led by the US with NATO forces.
The zero hour for this operation was also at the new year’s eve in 1957 & the plan was to bomb all major Soviet cities with all the industrial compounds with nuclear bombs.

The second phase of this operation is to launch land attack to occupy the Soviet Union, by paratroop 114 NATO divisions at the Black sea Area and 50 other divisions to confront and annihilate all Soviet forces located in central and eastern Europe, with total 250 NATO divisions are going to participate in this operation.

The fruits of this plane are to split the Soviet Union into 4 regions with each one into 22 areas.

But also this plan was no way to be done, because the European countries were afraid from the Soviet nuclear revenge which might vanish their cities from the map if they decided to work with the US and the UK in this plan, so they rejected the idea.

Sure is, America and the UK wants to attack the Soviet Union from others countries lands and simply let the Soviets hit back Europe because the Soviets cannot reach the US and UK lands which they are safe behind seas.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the western world succeed to do it without war, the plan now is to use direct interference into the Russian domestic affairs without using force and try to dismantle the Russian Federation by hitting all possible nerves & old wounds with provoking religious and national ethnic conflicts.

The United State Foreign policy towards Russia was always in a direction of weakening & crumbling Russia.

In one of Bill Clinton’s speeches with US army chiefs of staff, in a couple of years after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, he mentioned that:

Sure is we did succeed to dismantle the Soviet Union, but there is still a lot what we need to think of regarding Russia, with working to achieve several objectives.

1.We’ll not allow communists to regain to power again under any circumstances and always work with our friends in Russia to not allow any left wing political parties to enter the Russian parliament “the DOMA”.

2.We need to be very more involved in the presidential elections in Russia, the current Russian President Boris Yeltsin is Very good for us in all measures, so we must help him to stay in power for the second term & cleanse Yeltsin’s entourage from all who opposes our plans, for next to be ahead of us in the next ten years to achieve the following objectives:

•Dismantle Russia into small states similar to Yugoslavia.

•End the Russian Army and the Russian Military Industry for good.

•Supporting authorities & governments of all the regions that will be independent from Russia, which all must be pro US in general.

The US secretary of State James Baker in George Bush’s Senior Administration, mentioned in of his statements, ((the Caspian sea’s issue for the US policy it’s not just economical issue, but it’s indeed a geopolitical issue and it is a priority for the United States)).

The US secretary of State during Clinton’s second term Madelyn Albright mentioned that ((all the resources that is located in Siberia belongs to the all mankind not just for the Russians)).

In 1997 the American Administration had issued a statement regarding all three Caucasus Countries, with five other Soviet Union independent Countries in Central Asia are considered a major interest for the United States politically and Economically.

In 1999 the NATO included in his tasks, one particular item which give the NATO the authority to get involved in All peace keeping missions in Europe including the Caucasus Area, which it seems like, their plan is going all the way.

In the 21st of June 2003 a meeting was hold in Bilderberg forum which the attendance of this meeting discussed the project of dismantling the Russian Federation and issuing recommendations to handed all the areas located in Siberia, Yakutia & Kamchatka which are all rich with many resources such as oil to the US.

The CIA issued in 2004 in its website the annual reports regarding some researches made by some of well known research and political studies centers and agencies, a predictions for the world in the upcoming ten years, all these reports predicted that Russia will be considered as disturbed place with no security, also these reports predicted that the Russian Federation will be divided into 6 to 8 more independent countries, with that being said as it mentioned these reports were prepared in 2004 so in the upcoming 10 years, 2014 will be the starting time for these predictions to start occurs.

The Turkish national television aired an interview in December 30th 2004 with some head figures of the Circassians in Istanbul which included some of retired Circassian army officers who served in the Turkish army, among these Circassians guests “Amir Hadj-Mansour Natkhoueev”, he was talking about his predictions for the upcoming ten years.

He showed and discussed a plan to occupy the area north to Kuban River and the entire coast of the Black sea.

He confirmed that the Kabardians will attack and take control of Mozdok & Pyatigorsk regions with more than 50 thousands fighters from Adygea are ready to carry out the operation once they receive the orders.

There is a request been asked to all Circassians in Turkey, Syria and Jordan to participate with more 50 thousands volunteer fighters.

Later “Amir Hadj-Mansour Natkhoueev” also gave a promise to kick out all Cossacks from the Area, if the Russians never interfere.

The supposed Zero hour for this operation was in February 2014, which is happened to be at same date of the winter Olympic games in Sochi.
Based on the American plan two states will be formed, the first one is an Islamic state which will be established under the name of “Vainakh State“ and will includes Chechnya, Ingushetia & Dagestan, which will be located in the northeast of the Caucasus to take the Caspian sea shores from Russia.

The second state will be located in northwest of the Caucasus to take the sea shores of the Black sea from Russia and will includes Adygea, Kabardians and Cherkessk, later Abkhazia and North, South Ossetia too and it will be named “Great Circassia”.

The deputy president of the Circassian Congress Mr. Zawer Dzekojev said ((In Adygea certain number of people has appeared and they are loudly speaking and they are very activate in all other Caucasus republics, these people are not ready for compromise, they are ready for confrontation, these people will not talk, they will shoot fire and we’re considering them as national movement for liberation)).
After naming Sochi as host city for 2014 winter Olympic games, all the national Circassian stood up especially the far right wing among them and they were saying ((it’s impossible to allow this Olympic games to take place over the bones of our ancestors)).

Now we’re in June 2016 and nothing happened since that date.

But the big question is, is it possible that the Americans still working to achieve this goal and destroy Russia after all these attempts.

Clearly today it became harder and harder for the US to continue with this plans, but if this happened again it’ll be indeed the launch of World War III.

Albert Einstein received a question regarding how the World War III will look like?

He answered I can’t be sure about how the 3rd World War is going to look like, but what I’m confident about that if still there is 4th World War ever to take place, whom ever will be involved with it, they’re going to use sticks & stones as Weapons because that’s what’s will be left on earth then.
As a Circassian I’m strongly advice my people to never fell into the same trap again and don’t rely on the western world, because they’re going to leave us to face our final demise and the picture this time will be more brutal than what it took place in May 21st 1864.

They fastest example of what will going to happened is the same what Georgia faced from Russia in 2008 war, the Georgian president Michael Saakashvili did actually believed that the Americans and the Western world will support him, he was convinced that NATO will back him up in any confrontation with Russia, but unfortunately he was so wrong.

Among the Arab/Islamic Literature, there is a wisdom that says the person who have believe in his heart should not get bite from the same hole twice.

The Arabs unfortunately didn’t follow this wisdom and they got bites countless times from the same hole and other holes, and most probably, they will never learn, perhaps they lost their believe.

My final words is What if this plan did succeed and we established our so called “Great Circassia”
The second day of the declaration of independence, we’re going to witness the establishment of the US or NATO base over our soil “over the bones of our ancestors”, so that we’re going to replace the Russian rule with the US and NATO rule, there is no such thing called independence if you don’t have the ability to take all matters on your own hands with having a clear vision and plans to establish strong country with all elements of steadfastness regarding political and economic stability.

These elements is nowhere to be found between us and we’re only fighting each other over leadership with empty mindset.

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