The Telegraph: Britain must prepare for a winter energy crisis

The Telegraph posted an editorial entitled “Britain must prepare for a winter energy crisis”.

The Telegraph editorial says the dispatch of a Royal Navy frigate to protect the gas pipeline between Norway and the United Kingdom came as a logical step after last week’s suspected sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline.

It adds that other European countries are also ramping up naval patrols in the North Sea in the wake of what was almost certainly a Russian attack on vital Western infrastructure away from the war zone in Ukraine.

While the Nord Stream pipelines are not being used, although they are full of gas, the incident highlighted poor supplies as winter approaches.

The British government has worked to reduce energy bills by setting unit costs, but this isn’t enough as the country’s energy price regulator, Ofgem, issued a warning of “the risk of a major shortage” that could necessitate power outages and warned of the possibility of an emergency in winter.

This last happened in the 1970s, when homes and businesses were dark for part of the week.