The results of two new opinion polls in the United States reflected a state of dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction among American voters with how President Joe Biden’s term is going.

The American Axios news website stated that the 56% disapproval rate towards Biden in the Washington Post, ABC News and NBC News polls is a warning sign for the Democratic Party, at a time when Biden is in a close race with former President Donald Trump in most of the polls.

According to Washington Post-ABC News poll, 44% said they were in a worse situation than before, which is the highest percentage for any president in an opinion poll since former President Donald Reagan in 1986.

In the NBC poll, the percentage of disapproval towards Biden was the highest for this type of poll during his presidency.

The majority of voters polled in the Washington Post-ABC poll felt that the economy, food, energy and gas prices, the unemployment rate and average wages were all either weak or not good.

An opinion poll conducted by CNN network, the results of which were published on the 7th of this month, showed that 80% of voters with democratic leanings expressed their rejection of a second presidential term for Biden.

Last May, an opinion poll conducted by The Washington Post and ABC revealed that former US President Trump is ahead of President Biden by seven points in the general election race, as Trump received 49% compared to 42% for Biden.

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