The Britons demonstrate to demand their country rejoin the European Union!

Hundreds of Britons demonstrated in central London on Saturday, waving European Union flags, to demand Britain’s return to the bloc.

Participants in the “National Re-entry March” gathered near Hyde Park, where they set off towards Parliament Square, while supportive drivers honked their car horns.

The demonstrators raised banners reading, “The path to rejoining the European Union starts from here, and rejoice.”

The “National March to Rejoin” movement supports Britain’s return to the European Union, from which it left following the 2016 referendum.

During the term of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the exit agreement Brexit was negotiated, which entered into force in 2021, with a date set for review in 2025.

According to Peter Corr, the co-founder of the National Reentry March, “I decided to organize the demonstration because I felt like everyone had given up on the issue”.

Corr, a truck driver from the city of Derby in central Britain, added, “Brexit was a huge mistake, and we are all, especially the working class and the poor, paying the price for it, and we must do something about it.”

On Friday, opposition Labor Party leader Keir Starmer denied his desire for Britain to return to the European Union, after his recent comments prompted the ruling Conservative Party to accuse him of wanting to cancel Brexit.

Starmer insisted that there was no reason to return to the European Union, its customs union or the single market.

Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, the fourth largest party in the British Parliament, which has previously pledged to stop Brexit, said voters had stopped talking about Europe on the doorstep.

“We want Britain to return to the heart of Europe, but we are also realistic that it will take some time,” Davey added, before his party’s annual conference on Saturday.

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