A spokeswoman for the German army said in response to an inquiry from the German News Agency (DPA), that the aim of this is to ensure better integration of soldiers into the private sector.

The German army is strengthening its cooperation with companies in searching for employees.

According to an assessment issued by the German Army Career Development Service, there were cooperation agreements with about 4,500 companies in 2020, including the German Deutsche Bahn railway company, the German Deutsche Post postal company, the Amazon shipping company, and the Rife food company.

The German railway company announced that its officers and non-commissioned officers in particular assume administrative responsibilities related to organizing personnel and materials, the value of which sometimes amounts to millions of Euros.

In 2023, the railway company appointed – according to data from a company spokeswoman – more than 25,000 new employees, as part of efforts to exploit all the potential of the labor market.

The Institute for Labor Market and Employment Research recently reported that so-called labor market tension, which describes the proportion of job vacancies and people looking for work, has reached its highest levels in recent years.

The institute noted that when searching for employees, companies often use different search methods to find qualified specialists.

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