Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed on Tuesday his fear that the war in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas would lead to diverting the attention of the international community from the Russian invasion of his country, accusing Moscow of providing support to the Palestinians.

He said in an interview with the French channel France 2, “We’re confident that Russia is providing support, in one way or another, to the operations carried out by Hamas”.

He pointed out that the Ukrainian intelligence services have information in this regard, adding, “The current crisis… shows that Russia is looking to carry out destabilizing operations in all parts of the world”.

The Ukrainian president expressed his fear that international attention will be diverted from Ukraine, and this will have repercussions.

“I don’t want to make a comparison… In our country there is a terrible war taking place… In Israel, many people lost their relatives… These are two different tragedies, but they are enormous,” he added.

In response to a question about doubts about the continuation of US military support in light of the internal disputes in Washington between Democrats and Republicans, Zelensky expressed his hope that the great support provided by Washington would continue.

He stressed that “Ukraine’s fate is linked to the unity of the rest of the world… Global unity is closely linked to the unity of the United States”.

Zelensky confirmed that his forces are continuing to advance in the counterattack that they began in June, although it is slow.

He added, “We continue to advance little by little… The initiative is in our favor at the present time,” stressing that the attack is very difficult in light of the intertwining of Russian defense lines, minefields, and other obstacles.

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