Will Moscow celebrate the May 9 victory day over Nazis in Kiev?


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An annoying title for the Westerners and the Americans, perhaps, as there media machines whose budget and technical capabilities together surpass the entire capabilities and budget of all Russian media combined, and perhaps Chinese as well.

Since the beginning of the Russian operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the Western media machine, led by the American media, has naturally launched, just as the United States leads the Western countries in any case, their war and their massive campaign against Russia.

After the largest pile of sanctions targeting all sectors was imposed on Russia, Russia became the Guinness World Record holder for the most countries in the world that are under sanctions.

The Western media violently attacked Russia, using various methods and justifications, whether against Russia as a country, its culture, or the Russian people and the Russian leadership, of course.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who made sure that Russia organized celebrations for Victory Day over Nazism on the 9th of May of each year, has become a nightmare for the West and Russia haters, to the extent that we are witnessing in the Western media what is known as the Putin Haters Club!

Today, the Russian president is being marketed by the Western media and called multiple nicknames; the tiniest is the enemy of humanity!

Funny, isn’t it?

Russia celebrates every year the anniversary of the victory over Nazism, and on the occasion of the May 9 military parade, the speech of the Russian leader and the Soviet leader before is a firm tradition that the Soviet Union and Russia after were keen to follow, in the presence of a large audience, led by war heroes-veterans, as we miss many of them as the years go by.

Those heroes who heroically confronted the Hitlerite Reich machine, until they were able to uproot it from its very roots, and in the very heart of Berlin that currently, unabashedly leads Europe blindly behind Washington in continuing support the Nazis of the twenty-first century, as if it were that evil monster was subjugated in 1945, as he’s not dead yet, and is just waiting for an opportunity to be resurrected.

The occasion of the Victory Day celebrations remained an occasion that many world leaders were keen to attend in Moscow, especially the leaders of the Allied countries who were partners in that victory over Nazism.

However, and with years passing by, the West, within NATO specifically, continued to re-stereotype portraying the Soviet Union during the Cold War as the enemy, and therefore Russia today is the enemy, in addition to fueling and supporting any media campaign that reduces the Soviet role in the world war 2, in addition to the dwindling numbers of world leaders guests participating in the celebrations fueled a systematic plan that was followed by the West even before the crisis in Ukraine, a factor that confirms that the Western hostile approach against Russia has nothing to do with the Ukrainian crisis, and the pursuit of continuing hostile campaigns against Russia and denying the Soviet role in the victory over Nazism, is nothing but part of a campaign aimed at undermining Russia and its prestige, and destroying the most important accomplishment of the Soviet Union.

The west is returning to bring back the Russia is the foe image, as it known that NATO adapt its military doctrine on the assumption that Russia is the enemy, in other words, the factory setting mechanism of NATO indicates that Russia is the enemy, and therefore, any measure, no matter how harsh, that Russia takes to protect and secure its lands, is an absolutely justified measure, and with great regret, there was a room to reach for solutions with supposed Western partners, especially those whose economies have flourished during the past two decades thanks to the low-cost Russian energy supplies on the pocket of the European citizen, who has been inflames with the fire of high taxes, and today he’s facing economies that are slowly deteriorating in his country, and whose governments insist on adding more suffering to their economies through blind support with weapons and everything available to the ruling group in Kiev.

The West, which remained in a state of hypnosis under Washington, was unconsciously led by the policies of the United States, which always insists on creating problems and fighting others by implicating others.

What’s known now is that Russia is facing all American and Western power in Ukraine, so whoever says that the Russians are fighting the Ukrainians is wrong, and if the Russians were fighting the Ukrainians, the matter would have ended long ago.

We don’t want to exaggerate here, but we must mention the grave mistakes committed by the Russian leadership, which believed that the task would be easy.

It’s known, since the events of Maidan in 2014, that the West is building a front against Russia in Ukraine, and paradoxically, neo-Nazism and its supporters have come to be the tip of the spear in the face of Russia.

Of course, it’s fully supported by arms, money, volunteers, and all forms of technical, intelligence, and media support.

All that the West possesses is in the hands of those who are fighting the Russians on the lands of historical Russia, and therefore the war has become open, and there is nothing left but perhaps an official declaration of war on Russia by those countries.

There’s only a set of steps left, though, until we get into a third world war.

The West, represented by NATO, never wanted peace and friendship with Russia… Rather, it was waiting for any opportunity to do so, and here I don’t want to offend European countries, because, as we mentioned, they are under the influence of US hypnosis, but it’s not Russia’s duty to wake them up anyway.

What’s certain today, and without any doubt, is that these masks fell, and the false claims of peace and stability in Europe that Washington has been repeating for decades were nothing but an illusion, or perhaps the spell it used to hypnotize Europe.

The most heartbreaking thing is the position of the countries that were once part of the Warsaw Pact, the countries of Eastern Europe that were the first to be liberated from Nazism thanks to the sacrifices of the Soviet army.

Today, we see them removing everything that symbolizes the Soviet role in liberating those countries from Nazism.

As if it were a process of erasing an entire history from human memory, which despite all these strenuous efforts won’t be a fishy memory because the Soviet victory over Nazism is much greater than history itself and whoever tries to rewrite it.

Even if we wanted to remove the Soviet role, how would we remove the sacrifices of the republics of the Soviet Union?

The Red Army wasn’t only a Russian army, and therefore the Soviet sacrifices that defeated Nazism were Russian, Azeri, Georgian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, and all the republics and peoples of the Soviet Union, and today Russia’s position remains with what represents it from a reference to the Soviet legacy, which is the standard and the real source that documents the details of this glorious war and the victories that were achieved, with all its details associated with all its pains and hopes.

Although some of those countries today are languishing under Western control, they have entered a state of denial and ingratitude, which is an incurable disease.

In the end, whoever visits Moscow and one of the most famous areas in the Russian capital, the Russian Space Museum, which is one of the edifices of the Soviet victories and achievements as a symbol of the space conquest.

Near the museum, specifically near the famous Cosmos Hotel, stands a giant statue of one of the heroes of World War II, French President Charles de Gaulle, overlooking the place, who, if he were alive today, would have been at the forefront of men supporting Russia, in the face of the Anglo-Saxon wing that De Gaulle himself faced and retaliated for years.

Russia today is in an open war; we won’t underestimate the severity of the description.

It’s an open war against the West with its Nazi arms in Kiev and the remnants of the extremist terrorists that Russia fought in Syria, and today they have moved to another front, the Ukrainian front, in an unholy alliance with Nazism and mercenaries, funded by those who claim to be the free world—heroes of democracy and human rights.

World War II ended with the victory of the Red Army over Nazism, and Russia, which was expelled from all occasions to celebrate Allied Victory Day, insists on continuing the mission, which apparently didn’t end in 1945, and all we are waiting for today is the celebration of a new May 9 victory over the West, and it’s neo-Nazism, which undoubtedly will happen because there is no other way, which will either be a major Russian victory or destruction that will destroy humanity, for which Russia will certainly not be blamed.

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