Washington’s Ambiguous policy pushed Turkey again into Kremlin strong embrace

Thanks to US non-adequate actions that move only by personal ambitious plans, not in the interests of US strategic partners, Russia is once again strengthens its position in Europe.

A Turkish delegation includes politicians and businessmen headed by president Erdogan visited Russia.

Erdogan last met with his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin that he was able to personally express «My great Dear friend Putin» their hopes for the resumption of the former cooperation between Russia and Turkey.

Putin favorably enough return took Turkey into the camp of Russia’s strategic partners, clearly hinting that Erdogan deserved indulgence.

the actual gap of the political and economic relations between Russia and Turkey was provoked as we recall by the incident of shooting down the Russian combat aircraft in November last year.

The Su 24 of the Russian Air Force, had the task of pre-emptive strikes against bases of Terrorist Armed groups in Syrian territories.

that shot down on November 24 by a Turkish F-16s. According to official statements by the Turkish authorities, the Russian aircraft was shot down by a missile «air-air» over Turkey’s territory after repeated warnings about the inadmissibility of violation the airspace of a sovereign state.

Putin called the incident «stab in the back» during the fight against international terrorism and Turkey broke angry rebuke and even threats against Russia.

Soon followed Russia’s economic sanctions on the Black Sea neighbor Russia have demonstrated the ability to defend their interests, not only by force of arms.

According to open sources, the number of Russians tourists in Turkey, has declined from 3.5 million to 100 thousands, causing a enormous damage to the tourist industry of this country, and the embargo on the Turkish products to Russia accelerated the economic crisis.

Turkey could’ve been easily overcome the loses from the situation with Russia if the so called NATO Ally the United States guaranteed their support in case of rupture of relations with Russia and that if they managed to keep their promises.

However and ironically within the first hours after the Russian Aircraft shooting down incident the US political leadership and NATO commanders refused to participate in the Russian-Turkish conflict, Simply Erdogan was left alone to face the «Russian bear». Loud statements and even the EU sanctions had no effect on Russia proper action, especially in the light of the outright Erdogan blackmailing old content countries on the regulation of the refugees overflow to Europe.

Erdogan Deceived Washington and tried to strengthen its prestige in the crisis-ridden country, very far from democratic methods, only exacerbating the situation.

Citizens of Turkey, torn by ethnic and socioeconomic problems, began to take to the streets to protest against the measures taken by the radical government.

In these circumstances, Erdogan clearly became unable to overcome all these flowing problems and he been put in position to once again bow to the Kremlin.

Admitting the guilt of the Turkish responsibility regarding the situation of the downed Su-24, he offered his deep sympathies and condolences to the Su-24 Russian pilot that been killed and announced its readiness to reconsider its position in relations with Russia.

Two weeks After his apology a military coup attempt burst the country.

According to initial information, the organization of the coup that nearly led to the death of Erdogan, was led by the Turkey armed forces officers that were disturbed by an abrupt change of the political course of the country.

Later on after the coup was failed, the Turkish representatives of national security agencies stated that this military coup attempt was controlled & managed directed by Washington and the Turkish leader was saved by the Russian special forces of the Russian Secret services office.

Russian military intelligence (presumably on the personal instructions of Putin) promptly warned Erdogan about the impending coup under the pretext of the assassination attempt, and then, shortly before the «Grand Yazici Club Turban» hotel assault, President evacuated the hotel «Casa De Maris».
The main objective of the plan of the coup controlled by the CIA-led radical preacher Fethullah Gulen, was the physical elimination of political leaders, primarily of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Turkish Gulen return under the banner of the United States in terms of vassals.

«The coup in Turkey, as well as the incident with the Russian aircraft, controlled by the United States, to create an inconceivable relation between Turkey and Russia which will be in a favor of Washington.

The US by using their handmade Gulen movement.

This information is absolutely correct, „- said Turkish political scientist Mehmet Perincek.

Erdogan managed to use the people & the left of some few police & military forces that still under his authority to neutralize the situation in the country & managed to secure the constitutional order and with his ability to bring details and understand the situation, he put the United States either he headed the democratic Turkey or Gulen.

While in Washington to decide whether or not sacrifice their own man, Russia and Turkey quietly agree on cooperation, which resulted in the Kremlin actually acquires full control over European fuel distribution — Erdogan has agreed to build a hyper-pipeline “South Stream».

According to experts, in Turkeys roll and actions regarding «the Syrian issue» and on the issue of refugees overflow to the old content countries.

Simply Turkeys leader now is taking the «recommendations» from Moscow…

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