In addition to the previous article, it’s not a secret or unknown to many that Turkey’s general policy regarding Turkish nationalism was built of ignoring any nationality or ethnicity out of the «Türk milleti» the Turkish nation.

For instance all nationalities such as Kurds, Armenian and Caucasian in general etc… has no right to be free to express and show themselves or talk or have any kind of activates such as using their language or a right to teach it in public or declaring the Affiliation to and anyone who dare to declare his Affiliation to his nationality or does any activates in this regard will face a severe punishments that could be years in prison and some of them could accused of treason to the Turkey’s Republic and sentenced.

So what is the secret behind lowing or even remove these boundaries completely for some nationality among others?

My article will discuss one of the minorities in Turkey which been existed since the ottoman empire era, the ethnic group that been mentioned at the Journalist «Fehim Taştekin» and they are the Circassians.

Why and for some time the subject of the Circassian minority began to spread vigorously in all the social networks ??

With the emergence of a large number of Circassians right wing nationalists activists whom opposes Russia ??!!!
which it was obvious and incitement against holding the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi!!!

(As it known historically, the city of Sochi where a Circassian land, their natives Circassian were exterminated and the rest forced to be deported by sea to Turkey the ottoman empire lands at that time).

A complete freedom had been given to the Circassians in Turkey, especially during the rule of «Adalet ve Kalkınma Partist» the Justice and Development Party.

They became free to practice all «rights» related to their nationalism and now they have a big media appearance in the Turkish TV channels and in Drama and arts, TV series and movies where declares them proudly that they are Circassians!!! They also occupy high positions and important positions in the Turkish state, as there sayings that many high figures and leaders of Turkey today are of Circassian or Caucasian origins.

I wanted to note and be completely clear that I’m not against the Circassians or anybody else, but I’m afraid that they might been used as a tool to implement major policies of the big countries which might drag them to a Holocaust which speech or remorse will not work after that.

The Circassian people where a victims & stud between two big empires Tsarist Russia and Ottoman Empire.

Tsarist Russia wanted their land without the people and the Ottoman Empire wanted the people since they knew them & experienced them very well and took them in advantage regarding Islamic religion links that connect them to the Ottoman Empire a people that will serve the Ottomans and be loyal for them.

A war been unleashed for more than a century and at the end Ottoman Empire reached to an agreement with the Tsarist Russia and each one got what he wanted.

Is it strange for the history to repeat itself today and an extremist nationalist Circassian groups emerges with majority are actually in Turkey with complete freedom to practice their activities without any mentioned boundaries and launching direct incitement and provoking against Russia and try all possible ways to drag what’s left of the Circassian people that still live in their homeland to any battle or war with unknown measure to its catastrophic consequences.

One of these issues is regarding the Circassian Language Alphabet, which they calling to change the current Cyrillic method to a latin, similar to what Mustafa Kemal Atatürk did in Turkey, is it logical for them to demand changing it to the Arabic since they are Muslims and Arabic language is the Language of the holy Quran, or and since they are the nationality that had extend deep roots in history, It is better for them to use their own alphabet, such as Georgia and Armenia, for example?

According to my humble information, the Circassian have their own special alphabet, why they are not using it instead … (Shown below an image of the original Circassian alphabet).

I wanted not to look naïve while I’m discussing and writing about this subject, so I’ve reached to a Circassian person who is living in Turkey and I’ve discussed the issue with him to see his opinion and correct my knowledge.

What did he said was simply as following, he gave me examples that there are some letters in Circassian language that is impossible to be pronounce by using latin alphabet, because these letters are similar of some Arabic pronunciation and there are others are not even exist in any other languages and if we wanted to write it in Cyrillic or Latin or Arabic, we’ll have to innovate a new shape letter that is not excited in these languages alphabet originally or combine multiple letters to reach the closest pronunciation possible.

In general he said that the Current Cyrillic is the more convenient to be used since it is the official in our homeland and in fact all the Circassian literature been written this way for years and years ago, and plus he add that many of the Circassian families sent their children to study in the Caucasus Circassian republics universities to be close to their roots and to make sure of saving the roots with their history and relatives and the culture in general.

He also mentioned that the Circassian themselves has a debates regarding their accents that related to multiple Circassian and Caucassian tribes that sometimes looks like each one is in fact different that the others in some points, and he laughed and add that we’re already have multiple Circassian and Caucassian tribes language/accent issue and really we don’t need more debates that leads to more Discrimination.

He commentated at the conclusion of our discussion nobody really care to our language how it written and said with some sadness and sorrow nobody cares that much to learn our language, and most of our new generations doesn’t even speak the language and even if the speak it they don’t know who to read or write it,

Before I end this article, I wants to mention some wired paradox, at the so called failed coup attempt that occurred lately, It coincides the presence of officers and political or public figures from Circassian/Caucasian origins in both sides.

At the end where are the Circassians are really in what is going on around them?

And what about us and what Turkey wants from her Citizens and neighbors?

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