Victoria Nuland: The US forces won’t withdraw from Syria


Victoria Nuland, Acting US Secretary of State, confirmed that the United States doesn’t intend to withdraw its forces from Syria due to the continuing threat from the organization.

Nuland, who’s known to get her hand dirty in several cases around the world, most notably Ukraine, pointed out the importance of strengthening cooperation with Türkiye, while emphasizing their partnership in the field of combating the organization, despite the different views on managing this battle.

In an interview with CNN Türk, Nuland explained the importance of strengthening cooperation between the United States and Türkiye, despite the differences in managing the battle.

She stressed that the threat still exists in several regions, and urged to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in light of the tragic events caused by the organization.

Nuland explained that there is a need for cooperation between the United States and Türkiye, despite the permanent lack of consensus on how to manage the battle.

She pointed out the importance of holding a dialogue about the future path in Syria, given the presence of important interests for both sides there.

Earlier, Foreign Policy circulated news about the White House studying the possibility of completely withdrawing forces from Syria, but Washington later denied any intention to clone.

US-Turkish relations continue to face challenges due to disagreements over support provided to the Syrian Democratic Forces, which Türkiye considers part of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

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