According to press reports in eastern Syria, a US soldier was killed in a clash with gunmen belonging to the Islamic State Organization during a failed air drop carried out by US coalition forces yesterday near the carpet factory in the town of Al Shuhail in the south-eastern suburb of Deir Al Zour.

Syrian opposition sources confirmed that the gunmen from the state organization had fled the area.

The US coalition arrested a person after finding a gun in his home in the area.

Local media networks reported that members of the terrorist organization managed to flee to an unknown location, prompting the coalition to engage the B52 bomber to cover and secure the withdrawal and evacuation of soldiers and wounded elements without arresting any wanted persons.

However, one of the civilians living in the area was arrested, after a gun been found in his home.

The coalition forces with the Syrian Democratic Forces have taken control of all areas east of the Euphrates and north-east of Syria after the elimination of the control of the Islamic State Organization in those areas after battles lasted more than two years.

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