Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the size of the losses against the backdrop of sanctions between Russia, the European Union and the United States.

Putin said, in response to a question on the impact of Western sanctions on the standard of living in Russia, during the line of 17 with citizens: “Western restrictive measures since 2014 led to the loss of Russia $ 50 billion, while the European Union lost 240 billion dollars, and the United States 17 billion dollars, and Japan 27 billion dollars”.

Putin pointed out that Russia did not enter into a dispute with anyone, and that is why there is no talk of any reconciliation with Western countries, but stressed that it is unlikely to make radical changes in the attitude of the West towards Moscow.

In this context, Putin referred to China, noting that there are no political differences of Western countries with them, such as those witnessed in relations between Russia and the West, including in the framework of the Ukrainian crisis, and described in this context the accusations against Russia to occupy the region of Donbass in eastern Ukraine nonsense And lying.

Putin said that the actions taken by the United States in the context of “trade war” against China also represent a kind of sanctions and its purpose is to deter the development of the country.

“The same thing is happening with Russia now and it will happen later. For this reason, if we are to be well-placed, we must be strong, including, first and foremost, in the economy”.

He also welcomed the European calls to lift the restrictive measures, asking: “What is the use of sanctions?”.


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