Israeli TV channel reported that US intelligence warned NATO and Israel of an unknown virus outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan, from which the Coronavirus epidemic began in November.

The Israeli channel 12 reported, Thursday, that the Israeli intelligence (Mosad) had learned of a virus outbreak in Wuhan in mid-November 2019, and had prepared at the time a “secret report” warning against the outbreak.

Israeli channel 12 noted that the US President, Donald Trump, “did not show at that time a special interest in this report, but his administration decided to inform only two allies, namely NATO and Israel, of the situation, and this information reached the decision makers and the Ministry of Health, but they did not do anything”.

Israeli channel 12 said that the “secret report” that was sent to Israel and NATO talked about monitoring a new disease outbreak in Wuhan in the second week of November, noting that US intelligence was following the spread of the virus even though this secret information had not been discussed by even the Chinese authorities.

The report also noted that the intelligence report arrived in Israel in the same month, when the first discussion took place in the IDF about what measures can be taken if the outbreak, which was not considered a pandemic, arrived in the Middle East, and the potential effects of the disease on the situation in other countries.

Israeli channel 12 stated that the report reached “the decision-makers at the highest level in Israel in addition to the Ministry of Health, but they did nothing”.

This news comes after the US “ABC” news reported last week that US intelligence had warned since November of an epidemic that began to spread in Wuhan and posed a threat to the city’s residents and changed the course of life in it, but Trump and his administration officials ignored this warning.

ABC news quoted 4 sources who viewed a “confidential report” prepared by the National Center for Health Intelligence, saying that he had spoken of fears of the spread of a disease, which later became known as the Coronavirus.

They added that the report was based on eavesdropping and interception of information on the Internet, in addition to satellite photos, and they said that he expected the outbreak to turn into a “catastrophic event”.

For his part, Trump denied the information and described it as false, saying that ABC was aware that it was publishing false data.


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