US forces intensify their bombing on various sites in Northeastern Syria


The death toll from US air strikes on Iranian-allied groups in eastern Syria had risen to 19 fighters.

Casualties occurred as a result of the initial US response to a drone attack on Thursday on a US military site in Syria, which killed an American contractor and wounded another and five soldiers.

In addition, US air force launched air strikes on military points of Iranian-backed groups in Deir al Zour governorate and the areas of al Bukamal and al Mayadeen in eastern Syria.

On Saturday, that about 20 missile attacks targeted the Omar oil and Koniko gas fields, where American forces have been stationed since the evening hours in Deir al Zour governorate.

The attacks were launched from the areas where the Iranian-backed groups are present.

On Friday, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder announced that a ten-missile attack targeted the Green Village base in Deir al Zour, eastern Syria, a day after a drone was targeted at a base of the International Coalition in Hasakah, northeastern Syria.

Ryder added, in a press briefing, that the attack on the base didn’t result in casualties among the US forces.

On Friday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced that “a drone targeted a facility at a base of the international coalition in northeastern Syria, Thursday, which resulted in the death of an American contractor and the wounding of 5 American service members”.

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