US Bases in Syria are Under Fire and the Pentagon says they don’t looking for War with Iran


The sounds of explosions in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Deir al Zour with unknown warplanes, and missile strikes targeting the US bases in the oil and gas fields in the countryside of Deir al Zour.

In the vicinity of al Omar oil field base in Deir al Zour, flames are rising from inside the residential area of the US army within the field (the Green Zone), amidst a great alert of the US occupation forces and its military and reconnaissance aircraft over the base and in its vicinity.

Several missile strikes were directed at the base of the Konico gas field, which the US forces take as a military base in the northern countryside of Deir al Zour.

With the possible responsible of these attacks are Iran, Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder confirmed that the United States doesn’t want to expand the conflict or enter into a war with Iran after the attack on a US base in northeastern Syria.

“If our employees are threatened, we will respond accordingly and proportionately,” Ryder said on Thursday.

The United States announced on Friday, that it will protect its personnel in Syria, after the US military carried out air strikes on Saturday evening against what it claimed were Iranian-backed forces, in response to an attack that killed an American contractor and wounded five American soldiers.

John Kirby, White House national security spokesman, said, “The US strikes in Syria are aimed at protecting American personnel in the country, where ISIS and Iranian-backed armed groups remain a threat”.

Kirby added, in an interview with CNN, that the United States doesn’t seek conflict with Iran, and Tehran shouldn’t be involved in supporting attacks on American facilities.

He continued, “ISIS and the armed groups supported by Iran continue to pose a threat in Syria”.

On Friday morning, the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, said that the US armed forces carried out air strikes on facilities of groups affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, after an Iranian drone attacked a coalition base in northeastern Syria, killing an American contractor.

Austin said: “At the direction of US President Joe Biden, the US Central Command ordered the launch of precision air strikes, tonight, in eastern Syria, against facilities used by groups affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard”.

The latest violence could exacerbate already strained relations between Washington and Tehran amid stalled efforts to revive the nuclear deal.

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