Sen. Rand Paul calls for US forces withdrawal from Syria


US Republican Senator Rand Paul called for the withdrawal of US military forces from Syria, in the wake of a missile strike targeting an American base in the countryside of Deir al Zour.

Before the missile strike, one of the drones succeeded in targeting a coalition base near al Hasakah, northeastern Syria, at 1:38 pm local time, which resulted in the death of an American contractor and the injury of 6 others, in addition to material losses.

Paul said in a tweet to him, “Bring back our military forces from Syria… It’s time to put an end all war resolutions that Congress hasn’t authorized.”

On March 9, members of the US House of Representatives, during a vote on a draft resolution presented by Republican Representative Matt Goetz, rejected the withdrawal of US forces from Syria.

Goetz presented the draft resolution, which indicates that the number of US forces on the territory of Syria reached 900 last February.

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