Syrian businessman Muhannad Al Masri has been arrested by UAE security authorities for terrorist financing activities, according to information from Abu Dhabi.

The information comes in details that the arrest came at the request of an official Syrian arrest and extradition to Damascus.

The arrests were made on charges of financing terrorism and money laundering for terrorists.

The Syrian Arab and International Criminal Police Branch, or Interpol Damascus in the Syrian Ministry of Interior, asked the UAE police in early November to arrest and extradite two Syrian people accused by Damascus of supporting terrorism, including Muhannad Al Masri.

Interpol Damascus sent Emirates police arrest warrants in absentia against Muhannad Al Masri, born in 1984 and another person born in 1969, for the crime of financing terrorism according to the Syrian memorandum.

Therefore, Al Masri was arrested in UAE in response to the request of the Syrian Interior ministry, a few days and quickly.

Al Masri is accused of securing funding for HTS from his commercial and economic activities within the UAE, and is also linked to the organization’s leader, Abu Mohammed Al Joulani.

The Syrian businessman based in the UAE has made press statements in earlier times during which he expressed great welcome to the safe area, which was revealed as a gateway to the implementation of development projects that achieve citizen’s self-sufficiency.

In the same statement, Al Masri pointed out that his group “DAMSCO” started “on the ground with the support of rehabilitation and training centers in refugee camps and areas near the border (Turkish-Syrian), with the next steps to develop further in northern Syria”.

Muhannad Fayez Al Masri, born in Barzeh, was born in Damascus in 1984 and holds a diploma in financial management.

He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of DAMASCO Group, which is based in Dubai and currently resides in the United Arab Emirates.

The company’s investment activities by sources include the stock market, stock and stock market sectors, the trading of motor oils, energy, metals trading, oil derivatives, trading of main foodstuffs (sugar, flour, wheat, barley, pistachio, olive oil and sunflower), Cosmetics, Fashion, Transportation, Shipping, Artistic Production and Digital Marketing.

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