Turkey’s elections high commission officially announces Erdogan’s and his part coalition victory in presidential and the Parliamentary elections

Turkey’s top election official, Saadi Goven, officially announced the victory of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sunday’s presidential election after winning the majority of votes.

«With almost 97.7 percent of the results were counted, and the remaining votes will not affect the outcome», Goven spoke in news conference.

Saadi Goven pointed out that the parties that were entitled to enter parliament are «Justice and Development», «Republican People», «Democratic Peoples», «I», «National Movement» and «Happiness».

Goven stressed that the Committee is keen to inform the Turkish political parties of the results listed on their electoral system, once they arrive.

The total number of voters inside Turkey is 56 million, 322,632 voters, and abroad 3, 47,323 voters.

He pointed out that the total number of voters who cast their votes in Turkish missions abroad and border crossings, amounted to two million and 25 thousand and 666 voters.

The committee is due to announce final results on June 29.

On Sunday, Turkey saw early presidential and parliamentary elections that exceeded 88 percent, according to unofficial preliminary results.

Initial results showed that the People’s Alliance candidate for the presidency, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, received 52.55 percent of the votes.

The Republican People’s Party candidate Muharram Anjeh received 30.67 percent of the vote.

In the parliamentary elections, the People’s Alliance, which includes the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement, won 53.62 percent of the vote (343 out of 600 seats).

The nation’s alliance of the Republican People’s Party, To 34.04 percent of the vote (190 seats), and the Peoples Democratic Party on 11.62 percent (67 parliamentary complex).

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