Syrian rebels leader stole his group money and fled to Turkey

A leader in a Syrian rebels Corp called «Faylaq Al Rahman» Al Rahman Corps steal the Corps money and flee to Turkey!

Rebels and Syrian opposition sources and pages north of Syria revealed, the escape of a leader of the militia, «Corps of Rahman» to Turkey a few days ago after a dispute with the commander of the corps, «Abdel Nasser Shamir», about the sharing of large amounts and the effects of the looted especially from the Jewish synagogue in Jobar area in Damascus.

The Syrian opposition sources said that the departure of the commander of the 101st Brigade in the Al-Rahman Corps, called «Abu Tarek Al Shifoni», came in secret to carry about $ 150,000 of the Corps’s allocations.

Sources of the eastern Ghouta militants who left for north of Syria after surrendered their heavy weapons and handed over their areas to the Syrian Government, more than two months ago, that he was responsible for the raids and arrests that were taking place in the areas of control of the «Al Rahman Corps» in Eastern Ghouta, and was the head of a force of more than 1000 armed men, where the brigade was the main column in the fighting with the militia of Jaish Al Islam «Army of Islam» and the rest of the militants factions in the region, the majority of the gunmen of this brigade will «reconcile» with the Syrian government to stay in eastern Ghouta.

A dispute took place inside the camp of «Al Rahman Corps», which they established in Afrin area in the northwestern sector of Aleppo countryside at the end of last May, in the area of former Syrian Army Brigade 135 in the Shara area of Afrin, Who was in the camp, including the faction leader, «Abdel Nasser Shamir», with pointing accusations among the fighters to «sell eastern Ghouta and miss treating fighters who left to the north of Syria, and handing over the eastern Ghouta and treachery and non-payment of salaries by the leadership of the „Al Rahman Corps“, soon the argument turned into a fight inside the group of about 35 members was forced out of the camp by the command of the Corps leader.

The groups that was forced out to from the camp set a checkpoint on the road leading to the city of Afrin, and stopped and took a vehicle belongs to the „Al Rahman Corps“, followed by an intervention of a corps leader who managed to bring the vehicle in exchange for a promise to pay the dues of the group.

On May 8, disputes broke out in the north between the local Jobar Council and the „Al Rahman Corps“, over ancient Jewish manuscripts and antic pieces was at the hand of „Al Rahman Corps“ leadership in Joubar, which had secured the so-called „local council of the district of Jobar“ before leaving the eastern Ghouta at the end of last March and the beginning of last April.

Meanwhile „Al Rahman Corps“ took ruins and Jewish manuscripts found in the synagogue in the Damascus district, located in the eastern part of the capital.

After they left, the „Al Rahman Corps“ transferred the antiquities and manuscripts to his destination in northern Syria.

Later on the Jobar Council Demanded the return of the Jewish antiquities and manuscripts back after reaching the northern Syria, „Al Rahman Corps“ leadership claimed they don’t have them, which led to tension between the two parties, where the „Al Rahman Corps“ insisted on the denial of their existence on their possession, prompting the Council and some fighters from the district of Jobar, and those under the leadership of the Corps, to charge the corps leadership, represented by the corps leader Abdel Nasser Shamir, of „stealing the Jewish manuscripts and antiquities that were present in the synagogue“, which increased the tension between the two parties more.

A couple weeks ago there was information saying that most of Jewish manuscripts and antiquities that were in an old synagogue in Jobar, arrived one way or another, to Israel.

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