I was impressed by the idea of the project Syrializm.com who heard about it from one of my friends who lives in Germany, I wanted to participate in this project and to be among the people who are expressing what touring themselves from thoughts and ideas about the facts and matters important taking place around the world, and since I’m a person of Turkish origin, was born and raised and educated in Germany, it is also my home quite like Turkey, I wanted to write a lengthy article, that I’m separated it into five parts to be publish them weekly hopefully.
Turkey is my native country by virtue of the fact that my parents are from Turks.
Turkey is a major concern to the whole world during the last ten years, thanks to that one person which is… Yes, the President of the Republic of Turkey Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

I will begin this first part of my article with the issues that confuses me every time I thought about it, especially when I think about the positions of Turkey and its history, and the stands of Mr. Erdogan and his actions.

The Turkish Republic has announced on the twenty-ninth of October 1923 by Mustafa Kemal, which we refer to as we Turks call him “Atatürk” which means (Father of the Turks), it has abolished the Ottoman Empire after more than six hundred years for its ruling large parts of Asia, Europe and Africa, and canceled all appearances and state laws derived from Islamic law and replace it with the law of civil secular, canceled all the rituals and habits full, traditions and canceled the written Turkish language in Arabic letters, turn the Hagia Sophia mosque into a museum, Sunday became a public holiday in Turkey instead of Friday like any other Islamic country or that condemns the majority population of Islamic religion, only the flag has stayed the same, in talk summary, Mustafa Kemal has canceled all links to the past of Turkey, its people and its history, and all that become legally a bygone era before the proclamation of the Republic, later he become this first president of the Republic of Turkey and remained president until his death on the tenth of November 1938.

Turkey and frankly all the Turks should accept What I will say even if it going to look harsh and think about it in reality, especially the Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi (the Republican People’s Party), the party founded by Mustafa Kemal and who will not admire these words of mine and also my words will not also admired members of (the Justice and Development Party), Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi, President Erdogan party.
Does one can understand how Mr. Erdogan or his followers and his policies say that the foundations of an Islamic regime newly moderate, at a time when all you are saying and doing is a series of hypocrisy, lying and deceit over the whole world, not only on his people, he spent years of his reign and before, which attacked Israel and criticizes what they are doing against the Palestinians and Muslims, we all remember the incident MV Mavi Marmara ship to break the siege of Gaza, and the play of Davos Forum in 2009,

Turkey is seeking today a strong relationship with Israel at the same time protecting the Muslim Brotherhood, their relationship and the position of the organization of the Islamic state, and many of the militant groups fighting in Syria, Iraq and Libya today also puzzling and unknown position.
There is no Islamic law (Islamic Sharia) in Turkey, not even in simple things very provisions of inheritance and personal affairs like marriage and divorce, etc… Although the total Muslims in Turkey is 96.5% of the total population of numbering 78,741, according to statistics in 2015 of the population, also no one really know for sure what is the system of government in virtually Turkey is it Islamic or secular, I really do not know Mr. Erdogan is it Islamic or secular, what is his position regarding Mustafa Kemal, who abolished the Islamic caliphate of the Ottoman, blur all what link Turkey and its people with the Islamic world, how we in Turkey celebrate glories of the Ottoman Empire along side with Mustafa Kemal accomplishments at the same time?

You cannot direct or indirect any type or simple types of criticism on Mustafa Kemal, and today, of course you can not criticize Mr. Erdogan also, and if you dare to do that, it will lead you to jail.

Today in Turkey all kind of social media such as Facebook and YouTube either blocked or subject to, the Internet is subject to strict censorship, the media is restricted, the press media freedom is threatened, and it have been closed news papers and television stations all opposition to their views, or that Mr. Erdogan did not admire, or any press or media that the disclosure for crimes of corruption of the regime of Mr. Erdogan.

Actually we are puzzled, Turkey in NATO and NATO member, how do it and why, and how any sane person will believe that Europe will support Turkey in case war broke out with Russia, what are the position of the countries of Europe from Turkey, these days here in Germany Mr. Erdogan became center of attraction of sarcasm to all, how can it not be a laughing stock after he annoyed us all with his deceptions and lying, he call himself that he’s humble at the same time he spent millions of dollars of Turkish people money to build a luxurious presidential palace, which will not make any difference to manifest the glory of Turkey and its greatness as he claimed that the construction of this palace was to give prestige to Turkey in front of foreign visitors, all the reforms that have claimed and carried out since he came to power are now beginning to crumble and the economic numbers today in Turkey looks very scary compared to what it has been for five or six years ago at the most, and I will publish an article will be dedicate to the economic situation in Turkey, add to that the scandals of corruption for many close to him and members of his party, without forgetting his children and especially Mr. Bilal Erdogan.

Even Ms. Amina wife of Mr. Erdogan, surprised us when she talked about the mothers of the Ottoman sultans and their moral excellence, at a time when we know and everyone who read and studied Ottoman history knows all bloody and terrible atrocities committed by many of the mothers of sultans ((moral excellence)) such as “Hurrem” the wife of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and the wife of Sultan “sarhoş” Selim II ((the drunkard)) Norbano Sultan, and the wife of Sultan Murat III “Safya Sultan” descriptive and not to forget Kösem Sultan wife Sultan Ahmet.

Our history is full of horridness events, brother kills his brothers and father kills his children, and mother kills their children with long list of horrible incidents.
Today and apparently in order to complete his mission, Mr. Erdogan added to his achievements of what is happening in recent times after starting swear major political relations with one of the world’s most backward and extreme and ignorance in the political systems of governance and democracy, rights and freedoms which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, why this pursuit behind Saudi money or at least what left of it, or simply to continue hostility against Bashar al-Assad and interfere Syria’s policy.
Syrian refugees and others subject also I will write about it in an upcoming part of my articles series, refugees issues is also been used by Mr. Erdogan as a bargaining chip and put pressure on the European Union, at a time that Turkey’s chase for years now to join the European Union even though we know since we are here in Germany and many of the Europeans that they any Europeans do not want Turkey’s accession to the Union.

We Turks cannot, ignore the existence of 15 million Kurds in Turkey, mostly are Turkish citizens as well, and in fact the percentage of belonging or assets due to the Kurds may be much greater than this number, because of the mixing of the Turkish society and intermarriage between ethnic groups, and this is true regarding other nationalities ethnic or religious groups in Turkey. Add to that a large proportion of Turkish citizens of descendents Caucasian and Circassian and Abkhaz, Chechens, indicating the proportion of Alawites in Turkey, in addition to large proportions of people with Arab and European background, here we are a big community of Turkish people in Germany, myself for example, a German citizen by birth and my parents are from Turkey, carrying German citizenship, how can we say about ourselves that we are a nation of Turkey and much of the population of Turkey are not a Turkish origin?
Turkey is facing a big Identity crisis for long time now and you can so simple add political system or government system type crisis as well to this equation
The reality of the case of Turkey and its future is putting me in large puzzled whenever I thought about this, I do not know where or when history will repeat itself, bringing the same events that happened during the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, or whether it will be Turkey’s another matter, and where Mr. Erdogan will go with Turkey.
I truly was shared by many Turks that view, including the families of the people who killed in Taksim Meydanı (Square) in Istanbul and the victims who were killed in other cities in Turkey, what I will say:

We are afraid for Turkey from this man.

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