Syria Now – April 22nd 2016

Clashes between Assad-forces and kurdish YPG has spread to Hasaka city

Israeli newspaper Yedioth claims Russian forces (not clear ground or air) opened fire twice recently on Israeli air force jets

Heavy clashes between kurdish HAT and Assad-forces in Qamishli city

Syrian Army downs ISIS reconnaissance drone in Deir Ezzor

Aleppo Syrian rebels liberate Tall Hussein, Breigida,and Tall Btal in the northern suburb after fierce clashes against IS

Kurdish fighter removes Assad pic in Qamishli today after 2 days of heavy clashes between Kurds and regime forces

Syria Assad-forces advance towards Arak gas field and T3 Pumping station north east & east of Palmyra

Heavy clashes ongoing in the vicinity of T3 and near Arak gas field east of Palmyra

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