The White House: China cannot be considered neutral with regard to Ukraine


White House spokesman said Tuesday that it’s not logical to consider China to be neutral with regard to Ukraine, in a direct American criticism of the Chinese mediation proposal aimed at settling the conflict in this country.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby added that Beijing didn’t condemn the Russian invasion and hasn’t stopped buying Russian oil.

In addition, he accused Beijing of spreading Russian propaganda that the war in Ukraine is the result of Western aggression, at a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday praised the entry of the special relationship between their two countries into a new era.

Kirby considered that the two countries do not have an actual alliance, but rather a marriage of convenience, pointing out that China and Russia want to change the rules that govern the international system.

However, he stressed that the United States wants to maintain channels of communication with Beijing, explaining that US President Joe Biden still intends to talk to Xi Jinping without additional clarifications.

Likewise, Kirby stated that, according to his information, China has not yet provided military assistance to Russia.

The US administration asserts that Beijing intends to do so, which China denies.

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