Israeli army reserve officers starting campaign to collect signatures to refuse military service as a step against the controversial judiciary reforms


Israeli army reserve officers who oppose the judiciary reform plan, on Tuesday, the escalation of their steps and the start of a campaign to collect signatures, including all members of the ranks, to refuse military service.

This came during a press conference held by a number of reserve officers, to comment on the Israeli government’s insistence on passing the judicial reform amendments, which the opposition describes as a coup.

During the past two weeks, hundreds of officers and reservists in the Air Force, special units, and Israeli intelligence have announced that they won’t serve in their units if the controversial plan, which greatly weakens the judicial authorities, is passed.

For more than 11 weeks, tens of thousands of Israelis have been demonstrating against the judicial reform plan, while several local parties, including President Isaac Herzog and the opposition, warn that the escalation of the demonstrations could lead to civil war.

The opposition believes that the government’s plan represents the beginning of the end for democracy, while Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterates that it aims to restore the balance between powers executive, legislative, and judicial that was violated during the last two decades.

The plan includes amendments that limit the powers of the Supreme Court, which is the highest judicial authority, give the government control over the appointment of judges, and convert legal advisors in ministries into political appointees.

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