The Washington Post reported, quoting informed sources, that the administration of US President Joe Biden is resisting Ukrainian demands to lower the ceiling for the price of Russian oil.

The Washington Post indicated that despite the impact of the restrictions on oil exports, Washington is resisting Ukraine’s demands to lower the oil price ceiling from $60 to $30 a barrel.

The United States fears that lowering the oil price ceiling will push Moscow to reduce oil production and cause a rise in gas prices, which could destabilize the global economy before the US presidential elections.

The leader of the French People’s Republican Union confirmed that Russian oil revenues set a record in 8 months, as Urals oil was traded last month above the ceiling set by the Group of Seven.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed that Russia has been able to significantly increase its non-oil and gas revenues.

In the second quarter, the rate was 43.5%, and over 6 months it increased by 17.8%.

Inflation in Russia has become moderate, given that business in the country is working stably and overcoming all difficulties.

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