The Washington Post: Disagreements over historical issues may sabotage relations between Ukraine and Poland


The Washington Post considered that the difference in views on historical issues could lead to new problems in relations between Ukraine and Poland.

After the start of the Russian special military operation, Poland is one of the most ardent allies to support Ukraine.

Nevertheless, even among the closest of friends, serious clashes can arise.

Earlier in August, there was an open clash between Polish and Ukrainian officials.

The head of the Polish Bureau of International Policy, Marcin Przydac, said on July 31 that Ukraine has received a lot of aid from Poland, as “it would be good to start appreciating the role it has played for Ukraine over the past few months and years”.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky had stated in this regard that both countries had become a “shield for Europe”, and there should be no cracks.

However, there is the potential for some cracks, given that Poland has controlled large parts of Ukraine in the past, and the two countries’ histories are complex.

Poland and Ukraine, views remain seriously different regarding the events of the Volhynia massacre.

The events of Volhynia are significant for a small but circulating minority of nationalist and far-right groups in Poland.

The Washington Post quoted the director of the Polish Center for Oriental Studies, Wojciech Kononczuk, as saying, “There are two sensitive issues between Poland and Ukraine… The first is history, and this is an old problem that has been going on for many years”.

“The second problematic point is the issue of Ukrainian grain,” he added.

He continued, “Given that farmers are the main electoral base of the ruling Law and Justice party, the grain issue has been particularly controversial in the Polish government in light of the upcoming fall elections”.

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