The Times: Every new accusation adds more public support and popularity for Trump


The Times newspaper published an article discussing the current position of former US President Donald Trump among the potential US presidential candidates and his progress in opinion polls, with a focus on the reasons that may be behind this progress.

Trump received less public rejection than the current US President, Joe Biden, as opinion polls indicated that 53% of Americans believe that the former president is not qualified to rule the country again, while 55% think that Biden is not fit to rule the United States for a second term.

These results highlight that about two-thirds of American voters don’t want Biden or Trump in the Oval Office.

The results of another opinion poll indicated that Trump obtained 54% in front of his rival for the Republican nomination, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who received 17%.

Trump’s candidacy for the Republican Party seems to be inevitable at the present time, as hatred of Trump doesn’t mean a tendency to an alternative to him, especially since there are none among the potential candidates for the Republican Party who managed to capture the hearts of the supporters of the Republican Party.

Tim Scott, the only black senator who is running in competition with Biden for the Democratic Party nomination, may appeal to some Democratic leaders who are obsessed with the issue of racism.

The main reason behind the increase in Trump’s popularity is the federal charges against him, as three of the indictments have already been brought against him, while the fourth indictment is on its way to the former president in Georgia and may reach him within a week.

Each of these accusations makes Trump stronger.

Currently there is a virtual run-off between Biden and Trump, in which the two are stuck at 43% of the vote.

The Democrats – who strongly support Trump’s candidacy based on the view that Biden can defeat him – should be careful.

The large number of these accusations leveled against the former US president in a narrow time frame may increase more than the man’s popularity, “when we know that making these accusations extensively and successively may strengthen the argument of Trump supporters adopted by most Republicans, which indicates that these accusations are politicized and that they are Mere betrayal and a plot to keep him out of the 2024 presidential elections”.

The adjectives that Trump’s opponents use against him are almost the ones that increase his popularity among voters; They love his sass, his elegance, his vulgarity, his vindictive bullying, how fat and mean he is, and how he breaks the rules.

Although Trump doesn’t fit the traditional mold of the US president and presents a completely opposite model to the president’s image, his popularity continues to increase.

He lies, but his supporters see that this is normal because all politicians lie and they also see that Trump is the most honest liar.

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