The US House of Representatives on Friday adopted a measure aimed at restricting Donald Trump’s ability to launch an attack against Iran, fearing that the president’s positions would lead to a futile war.

The House of Representatives, controlled by Democrats, approved an amendment to a defense bill that bans the financing of military operations against Iran unless they are for the purpose of self-defense or with the explicit approval of members of Congress for such operations.

But a similar initiative failed in the Republican-dominated Senate.

The two chambers will now have to negotiate in order to reach an agreed version of the draft law.

Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna, who proposed the amendment, said the measure showed the United States was wracked by war.

Trump, who withdrew his country in 2018 from the nuclear deal reached in Vienna with Iran in 2015 and re-imposed severe sanctions on Tehran in the aftermath, was authorized in June to strike Iran after dropping a US drone, but canceled it At the last minute.

Michael McCall, the highest-ranking Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, called the amendment “irresponsible”, saying the military’s work should not be delayed by a long-running legislative process.

“This will hold the hands of our army during a dangerous period.

We need to make Iran and its terrorist partners think twice before attacking Americans, our friends and our interests”.

Twenty-seven Republican deputies, as well as ex-Republican Justin Amash, who has become independent, voted for the overwhelming majority of Democrats in the House of Representatives to support the amendment.

The amendment was presented by Khanna and Republican Rep. Matt Gates, who accused his “war-hungry” colleagues of being dishonest with US forces about the reasons for sending them to war.

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