With news of the arrival of the S400 system to Turkey, the focus is again on the Russian S400 anti-aircraft missile system.

NATO member Turkey began the system’s surrender from Russia on Friday, thus acquiring one of the best missile defense systems in the world.

What is the S-400 system?

The S400 anti-aircraft system entered the service in the Russian army in 2007 and was designed to intercept and drop any air threat, whether it was a missile or a plane.

According to the company “Almaz – Ante” manufactured for this system, the range of 400 km and can be published in five minutes.

The S-400 system includes a command center and mobile radar stations, as well as 12 large launch platforms and trucks equipped with four missiles.

Dozens of systems have been deployed across Russia.

The Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014, received four S400 systems and Syria has two systems to protect the Russian bases in Tartous and Hemeimim.

Beijing was the first overseas customer to buy the S400 in 2014.

No details of the deal, which included four to six systems worth $ 3 billion, were disclosed.

The deliveries began officially in April 2018 and the first Chinese tests of the system took place at the end of June 2019.

India has purchased five S400 systems worth $ 5.2 billion and will begin delivery by the end of 2020.

Many countries have expressed interest, especially Iraq, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but this interest in sophisticated weapons is a means of pressure on Washington to obtain cheaper US weapons.

This system is one of the latest anti-aircraft systems in the world and cost less than the Patriot system.

Officially, Washington fears that Russia will use the S400 system purchased by Turkey to gather information from its latest generation of F35 fighter jets that Ankara wants to buy 100 of them.

The United States and NATO also consider that this system is incompatible with the equipment used by NATO member States.

What is troubling Washington is that Ankara buys such sophisticated weapons from Russia?

Moscow has made its system a political paper: it sells it to Turkey and raises tension between Ankara and its Atlantic allies.

This is not the case here.

Moscow has announced that the S500 system will enter service in 2020.

Russia confirms that its missiles are capable of even hitting satellites.


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